Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Our itty bitty cuddly Teddy Bear has found her forever home. But not just any forever home—the best home ever for her! She joined her mom and dad, Heather and Kenny and two fur brothers, Tank and Frank to complete their family.

As you can imagine, it was instant love for everyone. Even the boys joined in on the fun sharing the yard on the day they met and sharing the couch with mom shortly after the adoption.

They plan to call her Bear. So sweet Bear, we love you so much and wish you and your new family the best and a long future together. 

I’m a small, shy, cute lady bear! I came into rescue after being a mom most of my life. I guess I’ve been a “Mama Bear,” too.

Now I want to be a cuddle bear with a family of my own, but until then I’m going to really enjoy being here with my rescue family. I first will have a little nip and tuck. (so no more babies) and then I’ll move on to a foster family. I’m so excited with anything with the word family in it.

Look through my Valentine’s Day pictures and see how pretty I am! After I settle in, I’ll send an update on my new life and exciting new adventures.

2/9/20 Update:  I left the vet clinic and moved into my foster home. My spay stitches will come out next week, so Dr. Larsen said I had to be leash walked. I can’t wait until I get to run in my new big yard and play with all the other Bulldogs here. One is huge, but one is just my size. I bet we will enjoy playing together.

I was a little shy when I first met my foster mom and pop, but it didn’t take me long to settle in and want to snuggle with them.

I know there is a bright future ahead for me. Stay tuned for more stories, as I explore my new foster pad.