Theodore Ruffrider

Theodore Ruffrider

It’s time for a father/daughter dance… Today, Theodore Ruffrider and Dolly Madison danced their way into their new family’s hearts. I am a sucker for seniors and I know these two hit the jackpot! Nothing could keep Ed and Glynda from rescuing them.

Theodore and Dolly met them at the door and they were so excited, the meet-and-greet almost ended up outside. I had never seen them so excited! They must have known what was happening. While we laughed and talked about these two dogs, they were skipping and trotting around non-stop. I was surprised we got them calm enough to take a picture. The hysteria that ensuEd trying to get their harnesses on was unforgettable. I am so blessed to have fostered this bonded pair. Thank you to everyone who assisted with their journey.

Today was a strange day. My family’s had Bulldogs for decades and I have lived with them for 9 years—all my life. My daughter, Dolly, has lived with us all her life—7 years. But today, with a lot of sadness and tears, we joined rescue. I am the handsome brindle and Dolly is the beautiful white with brindle face and spots.

What is our story? Our parents are in their 70s and mom’s mom came to live with us. She is frail, in her 90s and uses a walker or a wheelchair to get around the house. She has something called dementia, and that causes a lot of concern for our mom.

So, we had a family meeting. We talked about how no one plays with us as much as we’d like and how we don’t see the vet like we did in the past. We are getting older and need more maintenance and time. But our parents are also getting older and need to spend more time with grandma. We decided it was best for everyone if we joined rescue.

In spite of our age, we are pretty healthy. We both have some allergy issues that cause us to get occasional ear infections. And Dolly hurt her right eye years ago and can no longer see with it. We love to run a little and wiggle a lot. We love short walks and couch snuggle time. We like other dogs and we love kids of all ages.

Because we’ve always been together, we hope we can stay together in rescue and be adopted together. We will be at the vet getting caught up on everything and then ready to move on to the second stage of a great life.

2/9/20 Update:    Theodore was nothing like I expected! They told me he and his daughter Dolly Madison had come to rescue together because of life changes in their home. They said he was 9 years old and 71 lbs. So, I thought, “Oh, an older, heavy, slow Bulldog. This will be easy photographing him.”


He pranced right in and took over, just like he owned the place. Dolly was still in the room when they brought him to me. She ran straight for him and started kissing him. He was so excited to see her too. They just danced around each other.

After Dolly left, the race was on! You see, Mr. Theodore thinks he’s 31 lbs, instead of 71 lbs. He also thinks he’s 5 years old, instead of 9. I stood there amazed that this big, fun-loving guy is the dad to sweet, quiet Dolly. He made sure he gave everyone a big wet kiss before we got started. He did a great job and I think he ate a whole bag of treats.

You’ll see a picture of his silly side, I had to put it in to show you how young he acts.

When we finished, he gave us a big, wet goodbye kiss and out he went holding a treat in his mouth.

He is a gorgeous Bulldog with a wonderful personality. He’s fun and happy, loves people and other dogs. He adores Dolly Madison. That’s why we want to adopt them together. They’ve been together for 7 years. Like I said in Dolly’s update, they’re the perfect couple. She’s Miss Quiet and he’s Mr. Personality. It’s a sweet duo!

I understand that adopting two Bulldogs is a big responsibility, but they’re a perfect pair. They thought they would be together forever, and they don’t understand how life turns sometimes. They need a forever family and they need each other. I’ll be praying they get to have both!

2/17/19 Update:  My daughter Dolly and I just broke our from the vet clinic and checked in at Casa De Meza. If I knew I’d get to surround myself with nine other females, I would have broken us out sooner. Man, this is the life!

I have buttered up my foster pops and received plenty of belly rubs. I think it’s time for this cute fella to work the room.

2/20/20 Update:  Yeah, yeah, what can I say? Some guys have it … and oh, do I have it! These lucky ladies I’m shacked up with are loving me! I can’t blame them honestly. I tilt my head to the left, have beefy paws and a sweet personality to match!

I spend most of my time in the play room with my sweethearts, foster girl Root Beer and alumna Pooh Bear. They both are shy women and I think that’s my type. I lay up on the couch next to them and they can’t get enough of my pheromones.

They started following me out of the room and in the kitchen. This, I heard is a big deal because they never like to leave the playroom.

My daughter, foster girl Dolly Madison, is running a tight ship. She is on me constantly, telling me I better behave myself. Well, this tenured handsome man is cursed with charm. I mean it just radiates off me.

My foster dad caught me in the backyard rolling my pheromones in the yard after everyone else went inside. What can I say? I need to wipe off as much as I can. These ladies love me!