The great Thor has been adopted!!  His new home is filled with lots of love and patience, and Thor needs both .  Thor has moved in today , claimed some dog beds and toys and feels right at home !

At age 3, Thor has joined rescue! Thor was given to the wife as a gift when he was 8 weeks old, the wife left and Thor got left behind. Thor is kid, dog, but not cat friendly. Thor is crate trained, potty trained, neutered, and just needs one vaccination and he is ready to find a great new family.

1/2/17 Update:  Thor has officially learned to walk on a leash without pulling my arm out of the socket. Thor is 100% potty trained, loves all people, but is not dog friendly.

1/8/17 Update:  Thor is a work in progress. Thor LOVES people, LOVES attention, is 100% crate trained, but hates other dogs. Thor has stopped leaping through the air while on walks and flipping from side-to-side and tripping me. But he still has so much energy. He needs a big yard with active people to keep him happy!

1/15/17 Update:  Thor is big, beautiful and strong. Thor is a man’s Bulldog. Thor was surrendered by a man and he seems to respond best to men. Thor is dog aggressive, but he LOVES people of any size. He also LOVES attention and LOVES walks. For the right family, Thor would be perfect.

1/22/17 Update:  Thor continues to get better on his walking on a leash. Rarely does Thor turn a summersault on a walk, but he still might have the desire to jerk an arm out of the socket from time to time with his lunging. Thor is a work in progress. Young, beautiful, but needs a class or 2 in manners!