This story, unlike others, has no villains- only heroes. It starts with the LSBCR volunteer that drove from Dallas to Waco to rescue Tripp from the horror of living in a squalid hoarders home, and brought him back to rescue and a new life. It continues with Amy Evans, and my wife Renee-each of whom opened their homes and their hearts to this beautiful boy in need. The list of heroes includes LeeAnne and Matt  Koehrsen, who selflessly gave of their time to come to our home and help us understand what Tripp had been through, and what we needed to do to best help him. In truth, every person associated with the LSBRC are in this story- heroes in their own right, giving love and hope to all the Tripps that they possibly can. And finally, Tripp found his ultimate heroes in Cyndy and Carl- who saw what I thought should have been obvious to the world- a beautiful, smart, funny and loyal bulldog with unlimited love to give. Cyndy and Carl (and new bulldog sister Ginger) have adopted a once in a lifetime bulldog that will love them unconditionally.

The main hero in this story (direct from Bulldog central casting) is the inimitable Tripp. Tripp’s story is so inspirational to me, because it is an age old tale- a tale of a tough beginning overcome, of fear giving way to love, of hopelessness conquered and ultimately of redemption. Tripp’s ability to move past the trials of his earlier life, to let go of his fear and defensiveness and to become the sweet, charming boy he was always meant to be was one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I’ll never forget it, or him. His indomitable spirit and capacity to love were and are second to none. Tripp was always the first to greet me at the door when I came home from my frequent business trips, and was my constant companion when I was home. The patience Tripp displayed over the year, waiting to find his perfect family while foster after foster came and went was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Watching Tripp anxiously look around the house for his foster sibling that had been adopted and left was enough to make this grown man cry for him. Thankfully, the only tears to shed for Tripp today are tears of joy, as my dear friend starts his new life in his forever home. I couldn’t be happier for this beautiful soul (and a little sad for Renee and me) as he goes, but truthfully he will always be in my heart. May you have a long and wonderful life, beautiful Tripp…

Tripp is a 4 yr. old male bulldog that weighs approximately 57lbs. .He is good with other dogs as long as the initial introduction is handled slowly. He is a submissive and a high energy bulldog.

5/10/215 Update:  Tripp is one sweet Bulldog. He’s young and active and is always up for a good walk around the block. He is completely house trained. Tripp is also crate trained, however,   it’s just used when he wants it. Tripp would be best is a home with no children or no children since small children scare him and make him nervous.

Tripp is getting along with his foster Bullies, but he needs very slow introductions with other animals. This poor boy has been through a lot, but with patience, it will be worth it, as Tripp is a wonderful companion, and once you win over his trust, he’s yours forever. He loves his people and he will be by your side always.

5.17/2015 Update: Tripp had an exciting week as he had his cherry eye surgery and that means both eyes have been fixed and is ready to move on with life as a bulldog. He is quite a lovable boy.  Tripp loves nothing more than to lay his head in your lap, chew on some good tastin’ bones (the plastic ones, he pretends they are flavored), and a few good naps for good measure. Tripp would really love a family that would take him on walks.  He loves them and does very well on harness and leash.  This four year old is playful and energetic at times, but, like I said, he loves his naps in his crate or couch, with or without you.  This sweet boy really wants to please his people, but he needs patience and slow introductions to other dogs, but he is learning.  He is fully house trained, too!

5/24/2015 Update:Tripp has had another great week with us.  We did learn something new about him that we’ve never known in having dogs or fostering, and that’s watching tv and what’s going on on the computer. It’s really cute to see him react to whatever we are watching.

With all these storms going on, he doesn’t seem to be too bothered by all the thunder.  What he does mind is not getting to go on his much loved walks!

He is a perfect houseguest and we just adore him, but he deserves to have a loving family to call his own.  He is a patient guy,  but even he is getting antsy waiting.

5/31/2015 Update: .With this past weeks thunderstorms and rain, Tripp felt like he had a job to do, and that was to protect and patrol the house.  When it thundered, he would bark and run to the nearest window to see what it was all about.  He doesn’t stress in storms, he just gets excited.  Though he sounds tough inside the house, he does not like to step one paw outside while it is raining.  Smart boy.  All this rain did put a kibosh on his beloved walks around the neighborhood-he will definitely get to enjoy those this week!

6/7/2015 Update: Tripp: Another great week with Tripp in our home.  Like everyone,  he is so glad the continuous rain is over and the sun is shining.  When  you have more than one dog, you wish that they could coordinate the times that they want to be let outside, then inside and outside again.  Tripp definitely loves sunbathing and most of the time you have to make him come back into the cool house.  He loves the lazy days that his people are home, napping, chewing on a bone and eating.  Kinda like we do!

Since Tripp has some anxiety and trust issues when he first meets people or dogs, a trainer is going to help him out to resolve those issues.  After he knows you, he has no problems whatsoever.  Tripp has so much love to give and wants to please his people.  He loves to snuggle in with you to watch a little tv and possibly dozing off.  Kinda like his foster dad.

6/21/2015 Update: Tripp had a fantastic week with us!  A professional trainer met with him this week and he did awesome. The trainer taught us things to do with him that include using exercise, consistency and a lot of love and stability will help Tripp continue to be the lovable bulldog that he is. The trainer also suggested the best family for Tripp will be one that will keep this sort of structure and discipline.  You will never have any trouble getting this bulldog boy to join you on your morning walks. His foster pops also declared that he may be the best snuggler we have had yet! (Don’t tell our girls!)  Tripp is house trained, loves his crate for sleeping and gets along great with his foster siblings!

6/28/2015 Update: Tripp’s week was another good one.  To say this boy is the outdoorsy type is an understatement.  He can be lazy and lay in the sun, or punch the time-clock and begin his job for the day in chasing squirrels and birds.  Of course there is also the walks.  He loves them and does very well.  We haven’t walked by anyone on the same side of the street, but we have on the other side and he just looks and moves on.  The walks are so good for him, he needs to expend the energy!  We really love this snuggly boy and want him to have the very best family we can find.  Could it be you?

7/5/2015 Update: Tripp:  Mr T had another great week with us.  He spent his week chewing on bones, taking naps curled up on the couch and chasing the squirrels that dare to come into HIS backyard!  It is so much fun to watch him figure out which tree the offender is in and how to get them to leave. Tripp is so smart.  Those ears are always perked up, just listening.  Like most dogs, he loves to lay out in the sun, and like most bullies, hates to have to come back in.

7/12/2015 Update: Another typical summer week for Mr Tripp. Early morning walks with his foster Dad, which he loves, followed by a hearty breakfast with his foster sisters and then the first nap of the day.  Tripp is so lovable, he loves nothing more than to just be with his people and is a first class snuggler.

Tripps ideal family would be kid-free but does great with other dogs, but is not cat tested!

7/18/2015 Update:Tripp continues to be the perfect little houseguest with us and his foster fur sisters.  We have had to get a little creative with inside exercise for this boy since it is just too hot outside for walks.  Foster mom is just not going to get up at 4 in the morning for a walk!   We play and run around the house, rough housing with his foster sisters and foster dad. He’s a very happy boy.  Tripp is very content to lay by your side, napping or chewing on a favorite toy.   Of course a little sunbathing is always worked into his busy schedule.

8/2/2015 Update:  Tripp had another great Summertime week with us.  Just like the consistent Summer temperatures, his lovable personality shines through.  Tripp has been with us for some time now and in this time, he has emotionally grown by leaps and bounds.  When he came into rescue, he didnt really know what it was like to be in a normal home, with lots of affection, good grub and foster siblings to play with.  Tripp is a beautiful boy with big, soulful eyes and lots of love to give to his perfect family.  This family should have some skills with training and a little patience.  He still does best with slow introductions to people and dogs alike.  He is crate trained, loves to go on walks and probably is the best cuddle buddy you could ever find.

8/9/2015 Update: Another enjoyable week of treats, naps and toys for Tripp.  He is missing his longer walks, I think, but the short ones will do until the intense temperatures retreat.  The sniffing of the trees and mailbox posts is whats most important, right?  Tripp continues to get along wonderfully with his foster sisters and and foster brother, playing and trying to get at each others toys. He patiently awaits his perfect family, but in the meantime, he will continue to take naps with his foster dad and hold the title as Best Cuddler Ever.

8/15/2015 Update: This week Tripp was so happy that it was a tad bit cooler so we could go on a little longer and more interesting walks.  Plus, it means he can lay out in the sun and work on his tan.

Tripp waits patiently for his forever family, so he will be ready when you are.

8/22/2015 Update: Even though Tripp is sad that Summer is winding down (okay, his foster mom is the sad one), he is looking forward to crunching in the leaves, chasing the birds and squirrels that dare come into his yard, longer walks and of course, some serious football watching on the couch (foster mom, again).

Tripp is a wonderful companion for these things and a whole lot more. He’s crate trained, house trained and and loves to please his people.  All he requires in return is just a little patience. Can you be that person for Tripp?

9/6/2015 Update: Tripp got to spend one on one time with his foster dad for a few days while foster mom was off playing in NYC. Foster dad reports that he and Tripp (and his foster sisters) had a great time.  What mischief went on is between daddy and bullies-and neither party is talking. This sweet boy continues to impress us with how smart he is.  He is ringing the bell to go outside when no one is in the room, cause he knows we wont see him patiently waiting at that door. Only one of his foster sisters can do that.  He also has caught on with the tricks of his foster sister that will pull on all the dogs while playing with a toy. She teases him, gets him to chase her to the couch a couple of times, but then stops the next time around midway.  No other dog has ever caught on to that, they just run right into the couch!  But Tripp has, she cant fool him anymore. Tripp wants nothing more than to find his forever family that will be patient and loving and give lots of treats.  🙂

9/20/2015 Update: I have the privilege or writing this week’s update on behalf of my friend, Tripp.  Merriam- Webster defines  a trip as “a journey to a place”, and that’s appropriate. Tripp is on a journey- a journey to find his perfect family. He’s ready, and he deserves nothing less.

Tripp came into our home a little while ago, and quickly worked his way into my (Foster Dad’s)  heart. This boy has it all- he’s handsome, happy, smart, funny, loyal, playful., and sweet. Throw in the fact that he is perfectly house trained (a claim Foster Dad cannot make himself, as Foster Mom will attest), and he is one hell of a bulldog catch! He walks with me every chance he gets, and is just as happy snuggling on the couch watching a little pigskin (He’s a Red Raider and Cowboy fan, in that order) as he is romping in the back yard.

Tripp is so gentle and so kind with his much smaller foster sisters. He keeps getting more confident and well behaved as his past continues to get smaller in the rear view mirror everyday.

Tripp will make some lucky family whole, and I for one will be thoroughly , completely and happily heartbroken when that day comes.

9/26/2015 Update:  Tripp had an awesome week with this beautiful and cooler weather that we have all had.   He and his foster sisters have had morning walks every day and plenty of sunbathing, to boot.  Tripp is a very outdoorsy boy so this has made him a very happy bulldog.  In his mind, what else do you need?  Treats, can’t forget the treats!

10/4/2015 Update: Tripp has had the best week ever since the temperatures have dropped and walks have happened every day.  He is already such a happy boy, but this makes him over the moon.  He is so curious, checking out smells and sounds, always visiting his favorite trees and posts.  Then laying out in the sun on the cool grass is the cherry on top of his day.  He is still the perfect house guest with perfect manners-always getting along with his foster sisters.  He is a sweet heart of a bullie and looking for the perfect forever family.

10/11/2015 Update:  What a week Tripp has had!  We met with a wonderful behaviorist to see what this sweet boy needs and what we can do to get him his forever home and how his foster mom can do to get him there.  Tripp is so smart, a quick learner and really wants to please his people.  Scott, the behaviorist, thinks he is a wonderful boy that just needs a home that has dog experience, no kids and willing to work with Tripp on feeling secure when he meets new people. A home with consistency and maybe not a three-ring circus happening all the time.  He loves his walks, naps, a couple of chew toys and some cuddle time on the couch.  When you meet him, you will wonder where has he been your entire life!

11/1/2015 Update:  Another week has gone by with this sweet and lovable boy.  He was a very good sport while wearing his skeleton sweater for Halloween, but it was not long lived.  He was such a good boy with knocks and ringing at the front door going on while foster mom passed out candy. It wasn’t easy since his foster sisters were the ones going nuts in their tutus!    Even though we ran out of candy for the kiddos (had to have a couple for MY sweet tooth),  Tripp did not go without several treats of his very own!

11/8/2015 Update:  Being the outdoorsy bulldog that he is, Tripp is very happy that the rain has left us for a while and the sun has been shining.  Like everyone else in the house, grey days are not well liked nor our cup of tea.  Like a bulldog needs another reason to take a long and lazy nap.  Tripp loves the simple life of daily walks, a favorite toy to chew on and playing with his foster sister, Pamela.  You would swear that they are brother and sister the way they play and even look alike!  As far as people go, his foster Dad is his favorite person.  We believe Tripp is a complete dudes dog.  Are you a dude looking for a best friend?  Look no further.

1/17/16 Update: Tripp has had a great week with his foster family.   Walks, naps and treats!  What else could a bullie boy ask for?  A fantastic meet and greet happened today for Tripp and we couldn’t be more excited.  He showed off his great walking skills and how well he sits for treats.  Since this beautiful boy  needs slow introductions, the next step is to meet  his potential bullie sister.  Please keep your fingers crossed for Tripp…he’s waited a long time for this.