Trixie (now Penny)

Trixie (now Penny)

Trixie got adopted today and her name now is Penny! She will be living in Shreveport, Louisiana, with her new parents and fur brother Odin. Penny really took to her new dad. Both mom and dad just love Penny. It’s a great day for a happy ending! 

I joined rescue at the same time as Stitch. While Stitch is young and resilient, I’m older and seem to be more heartbroken that I lost my mom. 

I loved my mom very much and miss her terribly. I was her princess and we did everything together. The family who I stayed with before joining rescue was nice, but they were not my mom, so I have been sad for a little bit. 

The rescue lady is doing her best to cheer me up, but all I want to do is rest. She told me that it’s OK to grieve and that one day, I will find a new family. She said, even though it may not be the same love I had, it could be a new different kind of love that will fill my heart again. 

I know I am in the right place to help heal my heart and I am very thankful for my Christmas miracle I have received.

I am a beautiful, tiny, brindle senior lady at about 35 lbs. I heard Dr. Larsen has a fabulous lap, so I’m going to sit there for a bit and get a few things taken care of. 

In the meantime, put in those applications. Your lap may be needing to be filled by me! I will be ready in no time.

1/25/22 Update:   I left Dr. Larsen’s for my foster mom’s house yesterday. I’m about 6 years old and I weigh only 39 lbs. Yep, I’m a tiny gal. Once I heal from my surgeries and take all my meds, I will be ready for my furever family, so stay tuned, folks.

2/16/22 Update:  She’s super sweet! She gets along with the other dogs and people, and she likes to sleep a lot. In fact, she knows when it’s time to go to bed. She also knows what “potty”means, but will have accidents, so we’re working on that. She loves chicken! She’ll even get in her kennel without being told to wait for her chicken. She may look grumpy, but she’s a happy girl. I think she would do great in a calm family home. 

3/7/22 Update:  TRIXIE has adjusted well here at her foster mom’s home. She was slow at it but she’s doing great. She gets along with the other house dogs, she loves treats, she likes to go on walks. She loves attention, belly rubs, scratches on her back. She knows when it’s time to eat. She will go outside when I tell her to. My home is a calm and quiet place so she sleeps a lot. She won’t play with toys. She does like to stand at the front door and bark at the neighbors dogs going by or the kids walking home. I think she would be great when the kids over the age of 6 years old and older. She would do great with an older person or couple. She’s just a laid back sweet girl. I Hope she finds her Furever Family soon. She deserves a good loving family.