Tyrion has been adopted! “T”, as he is known, has found his happily ever after with his very own dad, all to himself. It was an instant connection for Dad and dog, like they have known each other forever. It was meant to be.

Dad is actually our neighbor and he’s wanted a bulldog for sometime. Foster dogs have come and gone from our home and when he saw T, he knew he was the one. T will be loved, spoiled and adored-just the way he should be. Happy tails, T…see you in the neighborhood!

I was adopted a few months ago, but some things changed for the family and I needed to come back.

You might remember I was starving when I first arrived from a shelter. Well, not anymore! I have really packed on the pounds. Dr. Larsen said I have put on way too many pounds. That is probably why my joints hurt and it’s harder to walk. So, she put me on a D?*T. I can’t even say it. They bring me this little bowl of food twice a day and expect me to survive. They tell me it is for my own good, but I will have to see it to believe it.

I also have an ear infection and some other issues to be addressed. I will be at the vet clinic for a few days before I go to my foster home. I sure hope they will feed me a lot more than the people here! Stay tuned and see how this D?*T works out.


I joined rescue in the middle of the night. I was initially picked up in a border town down south, and I was in really, really bad shape. A lot of dogs roam the streets there, looking for food, shelter and a friend. Few dogs get to leave unless they are chosen to be transported north. On a weekly basis, transport volunteers come and pick up as many dogs as they can so they can have a better life.

Rescue in a border town is truly a group effort – not just one person doing everything. Many rescues are involved in networking to save as many lives as possible. For instance, I had Donja, a vet tech, Eileen, a rescue warrior, and Jamie a transport driver, all determined to save my life.

I am in really bad shape. My ear infection is horrible, my tail infection is the worst, and my teeth are all rotten. Not sure what is going on with my eyes, but I am running into walls a lot.

After I was picked up roaming around Brownsville, I stayed at the shelter for five days before they called Donja. She came to see me and immediately she knew how bad I was suffering. She took me to her clinic that cleaned me up, medicated my ears, and tried to at least keep me comfortable. I did not have to go back to the shelter due to my medical conditions so I just hung out there to wait for transport.

I must say, being in a clinic that was clean and had food and people to love me was the happiest time of my life.

On Thursday morning, I was loaded up in a transport van with lots of dogs – all sizes and all colors – and we headed north. None of us looked back to the awful life we left behind.

I wish I had a great story of being loved and wanted, but nope. I am one of thousands of dogs that roam freely. They sometimes get run over, get pregnant over and over and over, or just get dumped.

Thank you for saying that you would take me in the shape I’m in, the way I smell and the health problems you see. But one day, I plan on being the beautiful Bulldog that I was born to be. Until then, please say a prayer for me and all the dogs that never get the chance to get on the transport van headed to freedom. Love, Tyrion

4/22/19 Update:   After spending a few weeks being patched up at the doc’s office, I’m now in my foster home. So far, I’ve discovered the lay of the land and all the toys. I love toys! I’m still on the mend from all my patchwork, but I’m not letting that interfere with my inquisitive and playful nature. That’s all for now. I’m off to explore and see if I can find some more toys!

2/27/20 Update:  Tyrion is about 5 years old and our biggest boy in rescue at 91 lbs. He takes your breath away when he enters a room. When I saw him, I said, “He is beautiful” and Dr. Larsen said, “Yes, he is, but the weight is destroying his joints.”

Tyrion came to us originally from a shelter. He was starved and in very bad condition, but with time, medication, food and love he became a healthy, happy boy. Several months ago, he was adopted and he went from around 50 to 91 lbs. He can not walk well now and has joint problems, due to the weight, and both of his ears are now being treated for infection. His family said they needed to return him to rescue because he had become very grumpy in the home.

Dr. Larsen and her staff believe his joint pain is the cause of that grumpiness. The weight has caused all his joints to become inflamed and hurt. He doesn’t like to be moved and voices his opinion about it. He is now on a strict diet and anti-inflammatory medication. He must lose about 20 lbs. to help him live a pain-free life.

This was my first time with Tyrion on picture day. He slowly made his way in and I realized immediately that he was going to call our shots. You don’t argue with a 91 lb. Bulldog that may be uncomfortable. The only fast move I saw him make was when I tried to move him. His head whipped around and he gave me a nasty look. LOL. I had to check myself because I also have very bad knees and I wouldn’t want anyone pushing on me either. So, I apologized, hugged him and we continued with him in charge.

When you look at him, all you want to do is hug or lay on him. He’s big, beautiful and fluffy, and cuddling with him is what you think about. Then he tries to stand and walk and you realize his situation is not so beautiful anymore.

Tyrion will be his healthy, sweet self again after he gets through the Dr. Larsen’s weight loss program.

3/22/20 Update:   Staying at home does have its benefits, especially for foster boy Tyrion, who came back to rescue about 30 lbs overweight. With the help of his foster parents, he hit his reset button and is taking this physical distancing time to focus heavily on his health, with more exercise and less food. Looking good, Tyrion!

3/30/20 Update:   Checking in from the foster casa. Everything is all good here, but it sure is a full house with everyone home all the time. I don’t mind though. I like to spend my
afternoons snoozing in all my favorite spots around the joint. Dog beds are in every room. Plus, I have the couch and even my favorite crate with the fluffy blankets. Walks with my
foster dad is something else I love and I’m pretty good at it. I went two blocks the other day! Not bad for a stout boy like me, huh? Stay tuned because I’m slimming down by the day!