Versace (Custer)

Versace (Custer)

Versace is a 9 month old male that weighs approximately 55 lbs.

5/17/2015 UpdateThe best word to describe Versace is HAPPY!   He is just delighted to be alive.   As he is walking along, he’ll give a little hop and butt wiggle in the air and keep going.   So cute!!!!  He is very cuddly and loving and just wants to have his ears scratched.  He loves to place his head in your lap and be loved.

Versace has the BEST temperament!   He is so submissive that he can’t quite figure out how to play the bulldog way.   His foster brother will be hopping around him, growling and nipping and desperately trying to get him to wrestle and he just drops to the ground and looks down.   He is only 9 months, so needs a bit of dog discipline.   He has been snapped at for being a bit pushy with his greeting, but he takes it very well.  When he needs a nap and we put him in his penned area, he happily accepts being separated from us.

He is quite a smart little guy and is learning how to live in a house.   He looks shocked when I tell him no, but he gets it figured out pretty fast!    He learned to walk on a leash and loves his walks. I have never met a more food un-motivated bulldog in my life, as this guy is not interested in eating.   I’ll offer him a treat and he sniffs for a long time and walks away.

Poor little guy has scabs and open sores on his back that make me cringe, so a good overall back scratch is out of the question for awhile.   He is on meds to heal that and I look forward to giving him a good massage!

Versace had a very successful meet and greet today. He has found his forever Mom and Dad.  Versace has one more hurdle (neutering) to jump before he will join his forever parents. He will be called Custer when he joins his new family. All three of them can hardly wait

5/20/2015 Update. Versace was adopted today!!! He will join his new Mom and Dad and will be named Custer.  Congrats to the happy family.