Please welcome Watson to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family! After his neuter, this 15 month old will be looking for a perfect family.

Stay tuned for more updates from his foster parents for this lovable guy!

1/10/16 Update:  Watson is a 15 month old brindle beauty that is new to rescue this week. This guy is a ton of sweet puppy in a small package. The great thing about a 15 month old is they are playful like a puppy, but he sleeps through the night in his crate. He loves tons of attention. From the moment I got him home,  he hasn’t left my side  He is a true-companion dog. He loves a good belly rub. If you get in scratching distance, he immediately rolls onto his back ready to be rubbed. He has the softest coat. He is so eager to please, so he is catching on quickly on learning to be a gentleman.  Watson had laser Entropion surgery on one eye, so now his eyelashes aren’t scratching him. Kid-tested (and dog), Mother-approved. This lovable fella is ready for his furever home.

1/17/16 Update:  This is one happy bulldog. Watson is really coming along with his manners. He is such a pleaser. This guy is fantastic on a leash. He stays right next to me and doesn’t pull or chase after cars. He loves a good walk and a good ball or nylabone. Watson also enjoys rough housing with his foster brother. He still follows me everywhere I go, but he is one cute shadow.

1/24/16 Update:  Handsome-boy Watson was in bulldog heaven at Hollywood Feed on Saturday. He was so excited seeing all the potential playmates and enjoyed all the belly rubbing. Oh this guy and the belly rub! If he is touched in any way he immediately rolls onto his back, kicks his legs up and invites you to rub his belly until you lose feeling in your fingers. He wants nothing more than to be loved. He is a sweetie and it is hard to deny this guy what he wants. When this guy is ready for sleep, he crashes even if it means napping sitting up.