One of the first things I learned as a LSBCR foster was the resiliency of dogs. No matter what they have been through in the past, neglect, abuse, or illness all they want to do is be loved and love their humans.  Wheatley is the perfect example of resilience. Prior to joining rescue this little guy was kept outside with very little affection. He came to rescue not knowing his name, how to wear a collar, walk on a leash or behave in the house at all. Wheatley joined rescue 3 weeks ago and through fault of his has been to 3 foster homes. Even with all this change and stress for him he has made gigantic strides in his journey to be some lucky family’s perfect bulldog.

Flash forward three weeks and Wheatley is wearing a collar, walking on a leash and  potty trained. He is also crate trained and loves to cuddle on the couch. Wheatley is a 1 yr old puppy with all the energy and typical bulldog stubbornness that comes with being that age.  However, he is extremely smart and a VERY quick study. He does have a few minor things that we are working. Wheatley LOVES chewing fingers, hands, feet, toes- he likes these more than his chew toys. So we are working on not doing this. Also, he likes to jump up to greet everyone he sees.

Wheatley is loving the chilly weather and more specifically the SNOW. He likes to roll in it, slide in it and even eat more than his far share of it. He gets along with all of his foster brothers, neighbors and everyone that has met. We went on a field trip this week to Get some chew toys and he was a HUGE hit with the pet store staff.

As you can tell he is just a bundle of puppy energy. But, with some patience and love to guide him in the right direction he will be a perfect gentleman in no time.

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