To my many admirers, it is with a little sadness but mostly great excitement that I write to you. I say a little sadness because with all the love and requests I received while in Rescue I was only able to choose one family to be with forevermore and that will break some hearts 💔.

I say with great excitement because the family that I chose is so perfect and they already gave me my own bruver 🐶!! He is one day younger than me but he is actually a bit bigger and a whole lotta crazy!!! I am so happy!! I felt right at home from the first visit. I also have a ‘kitty friend’ that is sorta like another bruver 🐱 but we decided my new kitty friend and me are going to give each other some space and time so I can love him as much as my bruver Chummy does.

I am eternally grateful for my short time with the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. They fixed a few necessary things to make me feel better and showed me unconditional love… how to give and receive!  Mom, Dad & Whiskey

I’m only 10 months old and just joined rescue. I love rescue so far, actually I love everything! I love to give kisses, get pets, sleep, eat, play, go in the car, swim (err.. sink!) and I LOVE chicken (to eat it and to chase it!). Between my playing in the pond (AKA near drowning) and playing in the chicken coop (hint: that’s a big no no), I was told that it’s time for me to join rescue to find the perfect feather-free house to call my own.

Look at this face, how can you resist me?

I’m headed to kiss on the pretty ladies at the vet. I hear they will fall fast for a big boy like me! ❤️

4/26/20 Update:  After a short stay at the vet clinic, I’m back at my foster home.

For those of you who don’t recall, my name is Whiskey🥃 . What got me here to this rescue was listening to all ‘dem chickens talkin’ smack about us Bulldogs! See what ‘dem chickens didn’t know is I speak Chickenese, and I was listening to those mean things. And I had enough of it! Well, after silencing a few of them (permanently) my owner was very upset and decided it was best I find a new home without feathers.

Don’t let my big, 60-pound stature startle you. I’m really just a big baby at 10 months old. I’m house-trained, crate-trained, walk on a leash, ride in the car, good with other dogs and good with big and ittle people.

Basically, I’m Mr. Perfect. As you can read, I’m a big fish in this here pond, so get your applications in and maybe you’ll be matched to me, Whiskey (oh, and speaking of ponds remember I can’t swim… I sink like a rock!).

I’m off to do some sun bathing.

4/28/20 Update:  It has been a busy week at the foster house!

I wanted to go swimming, but the stinkin’ foster parents took all the water out of the dog pool. Geez! One little ‘sinking to the bottom of a pond’ episode and now it’s no swimming for Whiskey? So I protested by sleeping in the pool!

But they wouldn’t budge, so I moved to laying in the lounger and fell asleep.

Then these foster parents had the nerve to leave me outside all alone, so when I woke up they were gone! I thought I had been abandoned! I’m pretty sure I was out there for at least 2 minutes all alone so I jumped on the chair and gave them a piece of my mind through the window! They have to learn that I do not like to be left alone. Ever. I’m still a youngin’ and I should be with an adult at all times, right?

I’m sad we don’t have any rescue events so you can meet me in person. I just know everyone would love me! Hopefully, you can get your application in and maybe we can be matched. I’d love to do a meet and greet soon. Until then, be safe!  Love,   Whiskey