Today was my big day: my adoption day! I’ve been preparing for it all week. 

I met my new dad, Seun, last week at the Bulldog Bonanza and it was love at first sight! My dad told me that I was just what he was looking for: a fabulous fella who could wear swag well. 

My dad owns Duke & Winston (duke-winston.com), which sells collars, leashes, harnesses, T-shirts, socks and a lot of other items for both Bulldogs and people.

Do you see me in my new swag? It fits fabulously. I always felt like I was born to be a star and today just reaffirms the fact that I was. 

I have a new fur brother now. His name is Max. I kept saying, “Max, stop photobombing and sit down.” Max was a clown. He knows how to sit; Max just chose not to. 

I am sure excited about my new life and my new family. Rescue has been good. I met a lot of people and made lots of fur friends also. But this new life? It’s right up my alley. Lights, camera, action…. a star is born and that star is ME!

Wilson here! Now bring on the celebration!  Today I joined rescue and tonight let’s light up the sky!  

In May I turned a year old and I am quite the big puppy! I have never met a stranger. I love other dogs and kids and I know to stay off the furniture (most of the time). I might slip up ever now and then and try to get up there, but not often. 

My family thought long and hard about this day. They loved me a lot! But after much thinking they knew I wanted and needed a lot more time and attention then I was getting. After all, this week my Mom is having a baby! Not that I don’t like babies—it was all the baby preparation, and the buying, the book of baby names.  And there was the fact I did not get to lay in the baby bed!  That was the deal breaker. After all I feel like I am still a baby myself.  

So this morning I packed my backpack, got my 2 beds, and my toys and joined rescue!   There were tears and hugs and some goodbyes but I am here to stay till I can find my forever family that all they want to do is play!  Love Wilson.