Wini Bago

Wini Bago

The Kansas City Chiefs got their Cinderella story, and precious Wini Bago did too👏🏻

Wini always knew that she was born for royalty, but somehow, someway her journey got off track and the circumstances around her didn’t reflect the nobility she knew was hidden within. Poor Wini was a Princess without a castle for so long she started to wonder if her dream of Happily Ever After would ever come true.

But with a little FAITH, and a lot of publicity from her Fairy FosterMother 😉, Princess Wini found her prince! Like two halves suddenly made whole, Wini and her new daddy immediately recognized the other half of their hearts in each other ♥️

I guess it really is true what they say, “no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true 👑”!

Thankfully, a nice man picked me up at the shelter and took me to a special place where they take care of Bulldogs. There are Bulldogs all over the place!

I am estimated to be 5 years old and a light brindle color. At least I think that is what I am. I have all kinds of skin issues, so it seems someone shaved off all my beautiful fur so they could medicate me better. The doctor here promises me it will all grow back. I sure hope so and that it does so really quick. This girl feels almost naked without her fur coat. Other than some really itchy skin and sores, I have a very dry and matted eye. Without daily medicines, it’s been hard for me to see.

I am going to hang out with the nice people at the vet clinic to get my spa treatments and my spay. Then I will be off to a foster family so they can love on me and watch me transform as my beautiful fur grows back.

We found out that Wini Bago tested positive for heart worms and will undergo treatment in a month.

10/10/19 Update:   Wini Bago, QUEEN of the fat bottomed girls and proud of it! Foster mom says there’s only one queen of the house and Wini ain’t it (lol), so she had to be queen of something!  Having a little extra junk in her trunk just makes for a nice swagger on walks around the neighborhood. She loves to strut her stuff for everyone to see how pretty she is, especially since all her hair is finally growing back!

Wini started her rescue journey being dumped in a mall parking lot with itchy skin & infected eyes. Some nice people saved her from the TX heat and brought her to a local shelter. They saw how itchy she was and didn’t know much about Bulldogs or hot spots, so they decided to shave her coat completely off except her head

Talk about having a bad hair day! By the time she got to rescue, Wini had random patches of hair growing in. Then Doc found those nasty heartworms and a small square had to be shaved onto her back to administer the treatment. Just when that section was starting to grow in and she finished her month-long rest period, she had to get her eyes done to fix the serious lash-in-eyeball situation…so they shaved both eyes! This sweet girl can’t catch a break in the haircut department, so I guess it’s a good thing she’s naturally gorgeous and blessed with a rounded bum that would make J. Lo jealous. No one pays much attention to her hair!

Now she has a fresh coat of baby soft fur growing in, and her obvious good looks make her a show stopper wherever she goes. And this girl likes to GO! Car rides, walks, around the house helping with chores, Wini is your dedicated all-time companion. A few soft taps at your leg every now and then to make sure you haven’t forgotten her
If you need a fat bottomed girl to make your rockin world go round, stop reading and start applying. Maybe you’ll be matchd to ‘Pretty Wini.’

11/3/19 Update:   Foster girl Wini Bago is drooling at the thought of all the TREATS headed her way tonight. Halloween is finally here!! Eating is SO EXCITING that Wini rolls out a slick carpet of drool to lead the way to her bowl She may secretly be part St. Bernard (lol), but all the extra-slimy love only adds to her cuteness. If you are the lucky family that gets matched to Wini, just make sure you have drool towels handy for this treat time slip hazard! Have fun – Be Safe – Happy Halloween from Wini Bago
*note: we do not own the rights to the music in the video, the song was purchased strictly for use with this update*

Wini Update_10-31-19

12/15/19 Update:  Have you ever seen a Christmas Unicorn 🦄? Wini hadn’t either until today 🙄 Foster mom has gotten out of control with the ‘cute’ updates. Wini heard something about cookies & follow me pretty girl…next thing she knew there was talk of sugar plums and foster mom trying to squeeze her full-sized bottom into a infant-sized tutu. Too bad that thing wasn’t made for bullies with CURVES! There was some mumbling about a diet 😳 and even Dr. Larsen has been making comments about her being a ‘think’ girl. WHO DIETS DURING CHRISTMAS?!!? No one, that’s who! That’s why Wini is sending out this urgent plea to get her outta here! A girl can only take so much. First she has to share a spotlight with stinky boys, then she’s dressed up like a furry Barbie and followed around by the paparazzi, and now that awful D word (diet 😬) is getting thrown around. That’s gonna be a NO vote from Wini 👎🏻
Help her break free from this insanity & fill out your application today. Make sure you put on there that your like ‘big girls’ so they’ll know it’s for me.

12/16/19 Update:   Wini is so tired of waiting for Santa Paws to deliver an adoption application just for her that she’s taking matters into her own paws this Christmas 🎄 She is becoming her own Santa, don’t you think she looks dashing in her red hat & beard?! 🎅🏻
She will bless your home with the gifts of endless love and affection year-after-year if you will just send in your application. She also comes with a lifetime supply of kisses and devotion, so you are truly getting the gift that keeps on giving

12/22/19 Update:   For two whole weeks Wini has been putting her best paw forward so that Santa will take notice of what a good girl she has been. Each day at 6pm she offers little snip-its into her life in rescue, her likes/dislikes, quirks and irresistible cuteness in hopes that a very special present will be waiting for her come Christmas time 🎄 a forever family of her very own. She’s doing her best to be patient, but decided to amp up the adorable factor for the next few days ‘just in case’ 😉
Tonight’s thousand watt smile comes as a result of the stocking stuffed full of treats & toys from all of her amazing supporters! Without YOU pups like Wini wouldn’t have this wonderful opportunity at a second chance. Wini was so excited to see her stocking overflowing with all things FUN, but is going to be a good girl and wait till Christmas before opening it up and digging in.
A BIG THANK YOU from this chunky butt, her foster mom & dad, and all of the volunteers in Rescue 💗 We cannot do what we do without YOU!