The day has now come and gone, we could no longer stand by and watch cancer ravage his little body with no hope of cure or relief for him, so he went with Dad to work where he was lavished with treats, shared a peanut butter samich with Jess and got a bacon cheeseburger and fries when I got there. Shortly after that we said our last goodbyes and let Dr. Miller send him on his way. Winston, we could not have asked for a better little buddy than you, loosing you was hard, you fought till the end and we will miss you and love you forever! You, our little guy are now whole again, pain-free once more and running hopefully with Konan, Eja,  Juneau and Summer as I sent word ahead for them to keep watch for you! Love you BooBoo!! It’s just not the same without you here, so thankful for the time we had with you, just wish it could have been longer

Winston joined rescue because his prior family had a new baby and could no longer give him the time and attention they felt he needed.

Winston has his quirks but he’s totally lovable! It takes him some time to develop a bond with his people but when he does, it’s with all his heart and is worth the wait. Winston’s not a “roll over and pet my belly” kind of dog but would follow his family to the moon and back. He loves to take you for short walks and give lots of kisses. He’s actually a very good listener as well. I can’t think of any behavioral issues/red flags, other than he gets along great with most dogs, but not all. We’re unsure of how he feels about cats. Winston is great with kids and company.

Since Winston’s been in rescue he’s had soft pallet surgery, been a part of a staph vaccination study and is currently going through allergen specific immunotherapy (allergy treatment). Prior to the staph study, he was getting recurrent staph infections that was multi-drug resistant. We tried everything, then finally took him to a dermatologist. Staph and yeast can be secondary infections caused by allergies which is very common. Because the staph Winston kept getting was resistant to most antibiotics, he was approved for the study. Throughout the study he was treated with antihistamines and antibiotics while receiving two injections a week. Winston has been doing so much better. He made it through the entire program (18 weeks) – not all the dogs in the study completed it. Winston did relapse with staph once, but while we were doing the program we were only reactive and not proactive to the actual cause (allergies). Now that the study is over, his allergy specific treatment will help in the long run. Winston is allergic to a few trees, grasses and some weeds. Allergies are not curable, but they can be managed. Winston will not be given allergy injections, but will be taking an oral allergy specific medication. The oral allergy med will be given for 5 months (which LSBCR will provide if adopted during this time). His dermatologist has recommended he continue an antihistamine (Zyrtc, Claritin, or Benedryl) as needed.

Winston is 7 yrs old, but acts like a 4 yr old. He’s mature enough to know not to chew on things (furniture, window sills, etc) but still has the energy of a young dog. Winston is completely house trained. He’s been wonderful to foster! He’s seen so many fosters come and go through our home this past year…it’s finally his time.

Winston is neutered, up to date on immunizations and on heart worm prevent. His adoption fee is $450.