Xena (now Juno)

Xena (now Juno)

Princess Xena had been adopted!! Xena/Juno has a wonderful new family!!  Juno was my very special foster baby.  I have never fostered a girl so sweeeeeet.  She got the Perfect Family!  She has a new MOM,DAD, SISTER and BROTHER.  She also has a new fur brother DUDLEY.  Juno hit the jackpot with her forever family.  She is going to have a dream of a life. She has a stay at home Mom, a Dad that told her she was going to be his football buddy and a sister and a brother that are 2 of the sweetest, kindest children I have met in a long time.  Dudley the fur brother loves Juno.  From the first time he saw her to the day she moved in his tail never stopped wagging.

Please welcome Xena to our rescue family! She recently had puppies and will need a little time to recover. She is really a warrior princess!

9/27 Update:  Hey it’s me Xena, and I am 5 years old!  And I am fabulous! You can tell by my body I am a Mama, a big ole southern belle kinda Mama. And I loved being a bulldog Mama. I had babies, and I raised other bulldog’s babies. When I saw some puppies that needed some raisin, I was “Johnny on the Spot.” I was like the big ole gal that could raise a village of babies!  Raisin babies took a toll on my body but that was the price I paid to make sure everyone got fed and raised to my expectations.  But, like all good things, my raisin babies has came to a end.  I am recovering from having my last baby  a week ago, and soon I will be laying on some big ole sofa watching Oprah!  Oprah always talked about SPANX, and I am gonna write Oprah a letter and ask for a pair of them Spanx for myself! Spanx is supposed to push things up, hold things in, and make big ole southern bells looks thin. I am gonna put them Spanx to the test cause I got a lot of stuff that needs lifted, tucked in, and tightened up.  I bet when I make my Spanx debut Spanx will be asking me to be their bulldog model!  My name is Xena , like Princess Xena the beautiful warrior. Follow me thru rescue as I am about to turn the world of bulldogs and Spanx upside down!

10/19/16 Update:  Any words that are related to SWEET, LOVING and KIND is the definition of XENA!!!!!  Xena is a retired breeder girl. She has spent the first 5 years of her life having babies and being a wet nurse for other puppies who’s mom’s did not produce enough milk for them. She is now enjoying life doing what ever makes her HAPPY!  She has the cutest and sweetest personality.  She loves attention, people and anything with fur. She is non-aggressive baby girl. She loves life. She has been with me for 5 weeks now and she finally decided to play and bark. My favorite thing about her is when I come home after work and she hears me open the door she comes a running to greet me and I mean a running. She is so happy to see me (unlike the other girls in the house who look at me like “Well Where Have You Been My Food Bowl Is Empty”. She wiggles and turns in a circle waiting for me to love her.

Xena has a longer soft pallet then some Bullies, so she breathes a little heavier, but on the fun side she makes these sweet and funny noises like she is talking to you. Since Xena was used as a wet nurse, besides being a mama to her own babies her figure is hangs a little long. To some people they would not think it’s very attractive, but to me it just shows what a SWEET, LOVING and KIND girl she is. That she was such a GOOD MOM that she raised her babies and any other babies that needed her. If she had litters that means she probably raised litters. She is an incredible girl! She is house trained and loves, loves, loves her crate. When she is tired she goes and gets in her crate all by herself. She is my easy as pie foster. If your looking for a show dog appearance, Xena is not for you, but if your looking for a companion that will LOVE YOU WITH ALL HER HEART she is the perfect girl for you.