Zeus has been adopted! He writes: Zeus here… just giving you all notice of my great news. I was adopted Saturday!

My new mom and dad are previous adopters and were ready for another Bulldog. When Foster Mom told me there was a family interested in me, I was so excited. She kept me updated: adoption application received, vet check done, home visit done and then the info was sent to foster mom. She made the call, which I was right there listening to, and everything sounded good. Foster mom told my new mom all about my good features: handsome, loveable, sweet, beefy, love to snuggle, no problem eating or going outside (I have not had one accident in the house!), and that I am the greatest! She even told her about my dry eyes, my daily medication needs and how I sometimes do not like other dogs. When Foster Mom hung up, she said that she (my new mom) would let her know and that she had to talk to her husband. I was so nervous and I was wondering would she call back… do they still want me?

But they did ~ they chose me! Yay! My soon-to-be mom asked for some more pics and even sent an email to Foster Mom asking about what food and treats I like, what type of bed I use, the size of my collar/harness and a bunch more questions… all about me. Foster Mom told me that my new parents were so excited to meet me and that I am going to be so spoiled. I am spoiled already, so this transition should be easy. And my new parents sound awesome! It was a really long week waiting for my day to come. I spent lots of time with my foster family, foster fur-sisters and brothers giving them “Zeus-time.” Saturday came and spa day too. I packed my toy, blanket, food and snacks and I was ready. It was love at first sight! 💜 Attached are pics of my new mom and dad and one from my first day home🏠 Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for helping me to find my furever mom and dad.

At the age of 7,  Zeus was loaded up and taken to the shelter, at what seems to be no fault of his own. I wish that Zeus could talk. I wish I could understand what he may have done wrong. Why, during his retirement years, was he not wanted any longer? Zeus is beautiful, loves other dogs and just seems to mind his own business. The staff at the shelter where he was surrendered have been working on his ear infection and medicating his dry eyes, but as we all know, a shelter is not the best place for a Bulldog. The kennel cough seems to have made his nose run, so I know the hacking cough is not far behind. Zeus looks at me like, “Whatever did I do so wrong that they stopped loving me and didn’t want me any longer? Because if you tell me, I will change.” Seven years of paperwork came with Zeus. All the paperwork shows he was well taken care of, had frequent trips to the vet for Bulldog stuff, and it appears that he’s always been just a good, happy Bulldog.

4/17/17 Update:  The mighty Zeus is here! I have settled into my foster home. I have three other foster Bulldogs to play with and a little Scottie. The little Scottie seems to be in charge, as she is always herding us when we have to go in or outside for our biz. I have been teaching the others the proper way to “kick” anytime you finish your biz and foster sister Nola needs to practice! Foster mom also says I am a beefy boy. She calls me ZuZu, too. Hope everyone has a great Easter!

7/11/17 Update:  Zeus here – checking in after a brief absence…let me update you on all my happenings.  Well…I got a new, larger sleeping den, which I just love.  I can fluff my pillows, stretch my legs and turn circles in it, and my butt never touches the sides!  I even have my own private fan!  Foster mom lets me “sleep in” too, well at least until my breakfast is delivered!  Life is good!

I have been hanging out with my foster family bullies – Nola & Brock and Little Scottie (she thinks she is a bullie) and we get along just fine.  Brock and I have an agreement,  he stays off of the bed on the floor and I stay off the couches (don’t tell him I can’t jump up on them).  I still have my “spa eye treatments”, at least that is what Foster Mom calls them,  I love the warm towels on my eyes.  Foster Mom cleans my eyes and then puts this gooey stuff in them,  which makes them feel so much better,  and I get lots of kisses for being a good boy.  Foster mom calls me her “Big Beefy Boy” and sometimes “Zuzu” and she laughs when I “fall over” so she can rub my belly.  I know my forever family is out there and I will wait patiently until they find me.  I know they will just love a Beefy bully! Until next time…Zeus (aka Zuzu, Beefy, Beefer)