ZJ has been adopted!  This sweet little girl found her forever home out in the country where she will be loved and spoiled.  It was love at first sight for everyone involved, 2-legged and four.  ZJ met her sister, Lena with the happy tail that never stops and we just know many hours of fun these two girls are going to have!  ZJ finally has a playmate her age, instead of hanging out at our geriatric bullie house!

The jackpot has been hit for ZJ, as she will never want for anything.

Before our drive to the country, we had to celebrate, city style!  A puppacino for the road!

Happy tails, little one….we will miss your sweet head tilts and snuggles.

Please welcome ZJ of the Fun-tastic Four to our rescue family! ZJ is the smallest of the bunch, but she is also the most active. Her energy level sometimes drives the others crazy.
We were born on May 11, 2020. Our owner recently died and we were taken in by her best friend, but the friend already had five dogs of her own and four children. Let’s just say the house was crowded and sometimes chaotic.
The friend didn’t want to sell us to strangers or take us to the shelter, so she contacted Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She knew they would find the perfect home for each of us.
We are all in pretty good shape. We are not always as calm as we were in our photoshoot. We were told we had to be nice for the photographer.
We can all run and play and be a little rowdy. We are “kinda sorta” potty trained. Somebody still makes a mess sometimes.
We got our shots (OUCH!), our physicals and we’ll get in for our surgeries in a week or two. The doctor around here is very busy! There are dogs everywhere.
1/18/21 Update:  ZJ is settling into her foster home very well. She had been very shy and scared, but is blossoming like the beautiful little flower that she is.
She is getting along very well with all of her foster siblings and is doing great with her house training.
She loves attention from her humans and is showing curiosity when we leave the room. Stay tuned on this special little angel.