Zoey Delilah

Zoey Delilah

It was a big day today for Zoey! She got adopted and will be living in Austin with her new mom, dad and her new fur brother, Churchill. Best of luck, sweet girl! Foster Mom misses you.

I was super excited when the rescue truck rolled up and I heard my name called. I’ve seen the truck before, but the last couple of times, it was not coming for me. 

But today was my day! And October is my month… my birthday month. On October 15, I will be 3 years old.  

In all my photos, I look super scared. I am. Traveling in a vehicle scares me just a little. I never left the house much, except to go to the vet’s office to have babies. I loved my babies. I am a nurturer by nature and I took great care of my babies. 

As you can see from my photos, my eyes need a little attention. I tried to wear some sunglasses, but my ears don’t hold them in place and they kept sliding off.  

I was super excited when I made it to Dr. Larsen’s lap today. Dr. Larsen told me she had some medication for my eyes and before I know it, I will have perfect vision. 

Dr. Larsen told me I was beautiful and that she had some bows that will look good on my collar. I think I will love some bows and I think if I have a family by Halloween, I am going to dress up as a beautiful princess because I have a feeling that’s really my “happily ever after.” 

11/8/21 Update:  Zoey is such a loving girl. She gets along with dogs, not sure about cats. She loves people and I think she would be great with kids. She loves the outdoors, loves her toys, and others too. Zoey is looking for her Furever Family.  

11/18/21 Update:  Zoey loves to go outside. She always goes to the corner of the backyard to see what’s in the alley. The neighbor’s little dog barked at Zoey and Zoey ran, ran and ran….

12/21/21 Update:  Zoey is still waiting to be matched to her furever family.  She’s very, very playful and loves her toys. She would be great with a family with kids over the age of about 7 years old. She loves people and gets along with dogs. We’re not sure about cats. She’s a beautiful, loving girl!