An Amazing Few Days!

The past two weeks have been a blurr for all of us at LSBCR. We have had so many difficult cases come our way. Anna & Liam came in together and both had some major issues that needed to be corrected immediately. They were closely followed by Ella who has so many issues they are hard to count. Then there was Mae and Eva who also came to us with immediate issues to be addressed. It was a nice surprise to get a normal, healthy dog like Shelby. Thankfully they are all doing better and all their issues are being addressed. Some are even ready to go to the foster homes to recuperate and regain their strength.

But to balance our all the intakes and been a rush of recent adoptions. Parker, Millie, Tripp, Watson, Cooper, Mabel, and Samuel have all been adopted. Several more have adoptions pending in the next two weeks. This is great news for all of us.

Thank you for your support to make all this possible. Please continue to support our efforts to rehome these precious Bulldogs any way you can.

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