Brutus – Our Hero!

I just wanted to tell everyone that today, Brutus is a hero with the our family. As we do most weekends during the summer, we took all of our pack up to Matt’s grandma’s house on the lake. Duece, Gus and Midge LOVE to swim and Brutus loves to lay on the beach and in the water but never has gone out past the water at his belly. However this weekend, I ran up to the house to grab some water for all of the boys down at the water. Matt and his brother Greg were swimming with their young cousin Nicolas. Nicolas is 10 and a strong swimmer. Matt and Greg were asked by the neighbor to help him push his boat up to where he could get it on the lift to his dock since the water is so low. They didn’t think twice about walking the 20 yards away from Nicolas to help. Nicolas was swimming and having a wonderful time when a boat drove by way too fast and way too close to shore. The wake caught Nicolas off guard and he started to struggle. By the time Matt and Greg realized what happened Nicolas was in trouble, he was quite a distance away from them and barely fighting to stay above the large waves that kept dunking him. Both Matt and Greg started swimming toward him as quickly as they could. By this time I was on the lawn and ran toward the beach but there was no way I could get to him any faster. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Brutus was swimming (Yes BRUTUS was SWIMMING) next to Nicolas. Nicolas grabbed on to Brutus’s neck and Brutus pulled him to Matt. It turns out Brutus is quite the swimmer. Much to our surprise he is fast too. He moves so slow on land and he is a bulldog so this seems so foreign. Needless to say, Brutus was treated like the champion he is all day! He was awarded several hot dogs and ice creams. As if he is not already spoiled, he now gets whatever he might like no matter my protest.

The only thing Mimi, in her very British accent had to say was “of course he is a swimmer, all of us English are!” He has always been her favorite but now he seems to be the King!

“Some of you may remember when Brutus was posted on our site for adoption. He was in extremely poor condition when he came to rescue and was a senior besides. Brutus remained on the website for quite some time and was even adopted once just to be returned when his medical conditions proved to be too much for his new owner. Brutus then adopted by his current owner knowing that he was already at least 9 years old and maybe older. It seems that Brutus had a job to do here on earth and now we know what it was. From your fans here at Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue….WE LOVE YOU BRUTUS!!

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