Can you help?

Take it from us ~ Aunt Beth doesn’t need another pair of fuzzy slippers and Pops already has seven Santa ties. You know what your family members and friends want to receive this holiday season? A thoughtful gift that truly makes a difference!

Please consider bypassing the last-minute jaunts to the mall and make a donation to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue instead. For your contribution of $25 or more, you’ll receive a hip, comfortable and stylish Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue T-shirt. Plus, the donation could give you a tax break, if you make your gift prior to the year’s end.

So far in 2010, our volunteer group has rehomed 44 Bulldogs in need and, thanks to generous supporters like you, we’ve been able to cover more than $37,000 in vet bills. We hope and pray that 2011 will be a quieter year for us, but we know that probably won’t be the case. Unfortunately, Bulldogs are still one of the most popular breeds in our area and many families are still struggling with the economy ~ which means more of them will end up in local shelters or surrendered directly to us.

Help us to prepare for the onslaught of 2011 dogs by making your donation today. With your support, we can continue to provide Bulldogs with the urgent vet care they need and then, ultimately, place them in the care of loving, forever families.

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