Christmas Stocking Wish list- 2014

Attention Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue supporters: To thank our foster parents for their hard work and to help our foster dogs (16, as of tonight) celebrate the holiday season, we are looking for donations to fill our “foster stockings!”

The stocking wish list is attached. All of these items are typically paid for by the foster parents themselves, and some foster parents have more than one dog… or have had the same foster dog for months. So, please help us do something nice for them by stuffing their stockings!

You can order and ship things right from our Amazon Wish List page:… Or you can drop things off with Dianne at Puckett’s Nursery in Allen (

The sooner the items are collected/received, the better, as we’d like to get these goodies in the foster homes before Christmas.

Every foster dog deserves a full stocking from Santa, don’t you think?

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