Aurora Borealis

Age: 5 Yrs. Old

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $600

Special Needs: no

  • Tolerant of children
  • Tolerant of dogs
  • Tolerant of cats

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Aurora Borealis

On Friday, I was just a number. I didn’t have a name. I came from a life of having puppies and being treated as just a money-making “object.” There were lots of us and we never got to play, relax or get out of our crate. 

Then, I was saved by rescue. We were saved. And I now have a name: Aurora Borealis. I was named after the beautiful northern lights that can be seen in Alaska. 

I have wrinkles for days and my breathing is not so great, so I checked into the vet clinic. I’ll be sitting in Dr. Larsen’s lap soon and checking with Dr. Lay for a consult about my palate. 

After my ride to the vet clinic, I stretched my legs and did my business. Well, actually, that really happened in the crate, in the car, on my way. I couldn’t wait! 

Then I was shown to my new home in the vet clinic and there was a big bowl of food and water waiting. I was so excited. I gobbled up the food and then just laid done on my comfy pile of blankets. 

9/14/22 Update:  She is very sweet. Both ears has old hematomas that were not repaired, so her ears are a little more crinkled. Both ears have yeast infections and she has very tight canals. We will treat the infection with ear packing and treat the infected nose rope with Animax. Her teeth are rotted and worn down. It appears that she had chewing on metal. She is scheduled for her spay and entropion surgery on Sept. 22. She does have a cyst in between her toes that will need to be soaked in Listerine. Unfortunately, it appears that she had been sitting in a cage with urine quite often. 

9/26/22 Update:   I entered the famous Casa De Meza foster home. My foster mom picked me up from the vet clinic last night with my meds and will be nursing me back to 100%.  It seems I’ve wrapped my foster parents around my paws already. 

I’ve also already mingled with the other seven fur residents here. There’s two little Frenchies who remind me of my little babies I had over the years. Everyone seems to have given me the sniff of approval. I mean… who couldn’t like this face?  

I’ve explored the house more than Dora in the last 16 hours. It’s nice to roam free. 

My foster dad hasn’t yet learned when I expect my meals, so I am showing him in a subtle way. 

This girl, for the life of her, doesn’t truly understand how a bed works.  She has three other dog beds in this room, yet she still wants to lay outside of one, resting her head on it.  

Her personality has come out lately. Her favorite things to do is nudge your feet, get her steps in and carry any water bowl she can find. We are working on potty training.  After her life in a mill, she is an angel adjusting to life in a home finally.

Aurora has never known a couch or even how to get up on one. At Casa De Meza, we cater to our babies.  Foster dad went to Home Depot and grabbed all the things needed to fix couch dilemma. He made a quick ramp and covered it temporarily in a water proof blanket. He is ordering marine-grade leather Monday and will wrap it by Wednesday. Stay tuned for the finished product. Aurora is so thankful she gives it her.