We could not be happier to announce our sweet girl, T-Bone, has been adopted. T-Bone knew they were her furever family the moment she saw them. She will be living the good life with her new mom, pops and fur brothers, Duncan and Humphrey, in Austin. We knew right away this was a perfect fit for T-Bone. We were so happy to see her jump right into the car, ready to head to her new home. T-Bone was the easiest foster we’ve had thus far, and we just know her new family is going to love her just as much as we do.

There is a new reindeer in town and HER name is T-Bone. T-Bone is not a boy, or a man or a mister. T-Bone is a girl, a lady, a sister!

T-Bone was 3 years old on November 25 and is an amazing lady. T-Bone’s great looks and personality are show stoppers for sure. T-Bone is potty trained, walks great on a leash and is in every way perfect. But under all the glam and glitter, T-Bone is very sad with the changes in the family. T-Bone used to be the baby, the favorite, the best friend. And then it happened. The family had a baby. The baby is now a toddler and he was all over T-Bone, clinging, clanging with the toys, running over her paws, trying to play giddy up cowboy on T-Bone and T-Bone was just plain tired of the noise, the baby and the changes. T-Bone is not guilty of one thing. She wants a family for Christmas with older kids, or no kids. T-Bone does not want to be ridden like a pony, knocked up side the head with a toy, ignored, or crated all day for her own safety. T-Bone will go to the clinic for a once over on Monday and is extremely happy to be kid-free today!

1/5/17 Update:  Miss T-Bone isn’t your average bulldog. She is tall, healthy, strong, has plenty of energy, but is EASILY scared of the slightest movement. In the few days we have had her, she has actually gotten a lot better and isn’t quite as scared as she was originally, but she is still fragile. T-Bone is the sweetest dog, and she gets along just fine with our 3 bullies. Like all bulldogs, she absolutely loves attention, belly rubs, and she thinks she is a lap dog. She will be just fine as an only dog, or as an addition to a pack. Her perfect forever family will not have any small children. T-Bone is happy to go on a daily walk, and she will keep up no matter the pace. She loves to play with a tennis ball and will fetch as long as you are willing to throw. T-Bone is not on any medications, is fully house trained, and ready to meet her forever family.

1/10/17 Update:  T-Bone continues to be super easy to foster. She is a big girl, but she thinks she is a lap dog. We learned this when her foster pop went to pick her up last week and this big girl climbed into his lap while he was driving. She follows her foster ma and pop around everywhere, just looking for some belly rubs. She loves her tennis ball ~ she likes playing fetch and she likes to play keep-away with it, too. She is such a smart girl and she has already learned so much! She knows how to sit. She is a fast walker on a leash, and would be best with an active family with no small children. She still gets spooked easily, but we are helping her learn to trust.