Guess what…. I’m already with my new family! My mom is Laura and my dad is Mike, and they love me. And they brought me a double meat cheeseburger. It was gone in two bites. Let me tell you…. this is going to be a match made in heaven. 

My mom has had Bulldogs all her life. When she and Mike moved to Texas, they started adopting Bulldogs from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Princess Scrunchie in 2020, Billy Bob in 2021 and Rayne ll in 2021 and now me, Alvin in February 2022.

I am going to love my new life with my new family. I already have a new big bed,  new toys, new harness and leash and a new truck to carry me around. When I left my foster mom, I was riding shotgun. That is a great place for me.  

So, you see, you can still find love, even if you’re a senior. Just look at me, Alvin on adoption day, and as happy as can be! And never to be left alone and scared on a gravel road ever again.

Jesse’s Ring camera had captured it again. Another dog was walking down the road and then up his driveway. Jesse thought, “Another dog dumped in the country.”

Today was no different than most days. Someone apparently got tired of their dog, drove him out to the country and then left him to fend for himself. 

Usually, Jesse just loads up the dogs and drives them into town to the local shelter. That is, if he can catch them before the coyotes do. 

But Jesse knew that Alvin deserved more than a trip to the shelter, where most old dogs never leave. Shelters are better for young, cute puppies and dogs like Alvin are anything but that.  

Alvin’s eyes are cloudy and he smells bad. His tail pocket is infected and he walks slow, but gets where he is going.  

Alvin may be old, but he didn’t deserve to end up at a stranger’s house in the country, wondering what in the world had happened. 

No matter how long Alvin has, he will never die alone, in the country on a gravel road.