Amber Dawn (now Wanda)

Amber Dawn (now Wanda)

Amber Dawn has been adopted and you may now call her Wanda!
Wanda did not have an easy start in life, but now she will be loved and spoiled beyond measure. After her meet-and-greet on Monday, her new mom and dad went on a wonderful shopping spree, gathering fluffy beds, toys and a beautiful harness for Wanda to call her own!
Wanda’s mom will cook her eggs and all kinds of yummy food for her, so she can continue to put on some much needed pounds.
This beautiful, sweet little soul was such a pleasure to foster.
Have a wonderful life, Wanda. You will always be in our hearts.
Like too many dogs in the big city, I ended up lost and unclaimed in a local shelter. Suddenly, there was a nice lady from rescue who said she was there just for me. I was so happy to know someone still cared about me.
My name is Amber Dawn and I am two years old. I am way too thin for my liking, but the rescue people and those at the vet clinic are doing all they can to fatten me up a little bit. And boy, is it fun!
As you can see from my pictures, I think sitting still is for old people and old dogs. I like to be on the move. I still have lots to do in my lifetime. I will stay at the vet clinic for a few days for my checkup, a little surgery and to get some other problems cared for by the doc. Then I will be looking for a family who will never lose me, and if I get lost, will always come find me.

3/22/21 Update:  Amber Dawn has been hanging out with her foster family for a couple of weeks and she has settled in nicely.  She is getting along very well with all of her foster siblings, boys AND girls.

Amber came into Rescue painfully thin and infested with worms.  A stay with Dr Larsen and her staff got that all cleared up and it has been a joy to begin putting weight on her.  Let’s face it, most of the time we are having to get weight OFF a bulldog!

She is such a lovely little girl, very polite, house trained, affectionate and likes to play.  Her favorite thing is to snuggle with you on the couch.  When she gets excited, her whole back end just shakes!  It’s like it has a mind of its own!

What is so surprising is how deep her bark is.  Definitely shocked us when we first heard it.  Think, Anita Baker.  lol

The first thing this foster mom noticed how soft her fur/hair is and her beautiful eyes.  Amber Dawn is 2 years old and would love to be your forever friend.