Ambrosia (now Amber)

Ambrosia (now Amber)

This sweet success story is a miracle and brims with the spirit of Divine Intervention. As such, only formerly Miss Ambrosia, now Miss Amber, can tell the story with heart, soul, and gratitude.

I may be the world’s luckiest Bulldog. I had a tough life, fate dealt me a bad genetic hand, and happiness was ephemeral and evasive. I suffered through invasive allergies, barked my displeasure constantly, and felt unwanted. Even after finding Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, survival doubts cast a pall over my lot. Yet, you never gave up on me. Through my tears of joy, I will be furever grateful.

Please welcome 7-year-old Ambrosia to our rescue family! Ambrosia finds herself needing a little more medical care than her dad could handle.He knew she needed more than just medicated baths to get this beautiful lady in tip top shape. Ambrosia has some skin problems and some ear problems… somewhat typical Bulldog problems. But she’s now headed in the right direction to get the help she needs. It will be great to watch her put on some weight and get her skin and ear infections under control. Then, it will be time for a new family for Ambrosia!

9/3/18 Update:  I am out of the vet’s bed and breakfast and I have moved into a foster home! And let me tell you, I am the queen around that place. No crating for me because I bark! I mean, I bark LOUD! So, pretty much I have run of the house. I know my manners and I know what and what not to chew. I am so happy all of the time!

I had some skin problems and they have been addressed. I have a special shampoo for my baths, some wipes to keep my self fresh and clean and a special dog food (that when you add a little cheese, I love it!). And the only other thing you might need to know: I like to be the boss. However, I am very small and at my new foster home, no one takes to my bossing, so I just duck my head and walk off. I have learned that playing with the other Bulldogs is a lot better than trying to boss them. It’s been a hard lesson to learn, but I am a fast learner. I’m 2 years old, the picture of perfection and looking for a perfect family to love me!

11/27/18 Update:  We are hoping to we can bump up her weight and get her skin under control. Her eyes will need meds for the rest of her life. She is selective about other dogs… some she likes, some she doesn’t.

1/23/19 Update:  Miss Ambrosia here, and wow, I am hyperventilating on a freedom high.  Pardon me while I catch my breath (pant, pant, slobber, slobber)… Ambrosia is a Greek word for sustenance that cleanses the flesh of Gods and Goddesses.  My name has not lived up to its billing thus far.  But, I am determined to live a heavenly life with a fur ever family.

My memory is fuzzy on much of my past.  I am between 3 and 5, but genetics and history have not been kind to me.  Upon entering the clinic in May, I was heartworm positive and suffered severe coat and skin infections.  Currently, I am working through some digestive issues which have made me too skinny. With the help of a cabal conspiracy hatched by accomplices from LSBCR, I busted out of the Doc shop and hitched an Uber to the encrypted address smuggled out with me.

My temporary residence is Chez Maison Ménard, a BB&B (Bullie Bed & Breakfast).  Other Bullies live here too; how cool is that?  I have doubts, insecurity, and fears of what will become of me but the fur sisters here comfort and encourage me with their advice. For now, I am on a restricted diet of rice and soft boiled eggs until digestion issues improve.  The resident queen and the visiting princesses belong to a pack.  I am working on my social skills.  Temporarily, I have a private studio apartment with dining nook but want to join the pack.

My dogtor’s orders require gaining weight.  Soon, my portions will be plus sized, uhm-hmm good.   My goals are to reach a healthy weight, gain confidence, socialize with the pack, graduate to full member status, and become adopted. I have been here long enough to know that my foster parents want and love me.  Living in a real home feels SOOO good.  I am naturally affectionate will have more news later, after getting to know these foster peeps better.  Stay tuned, more coming.

2/20/19 Update:  I am living large in a secure and comfortable BBnB, feel like a valued family member and gaining on my future! Speaking of gains, may I have a drum roll please? I am proud to announce that I have gained 2.9 pounds in two weeks.

Let me tell you about my menu. Foster Dad is my personal chef, but with other fur siblings here, and a lot of preparation for me, he hired a sou-chef (looks a lot like Foster Mom) to tend to me. They mince my meats,pre-moisten my dog meal, measure my doses, fill my med cassette, mix in rice, pumpkin, or oatmeal a la proportion, warm the broth – you get the picture. I wolf down four daily meals with gusto. As to my house manners, there have been some oopsies, but my peeps are working patiently with me. With improving weather, I will be outside more. Foster Dad has started me on my baseball spring training regime.

I will soon be ready for adoption so start the process and apply to adopt now. See you at the meet-and-greet!

2/26/19 Update:  For the second straight two-week period, I have gained weight, up to 36.7 pounds. I am in good physical condition and rip with muscle tone. This secure BBnB encourages my affection and playfulness.

But wait, there’s more… My Dogtor and peeps designed special diets for me that has also improved my digestive issues. I now have control over my elimination behavior and do my business outside. As a graduation gift, I now have full run of the house privileges.

I still visit my she-shed, but the gate is open, yea. I can sleep with the other fur ladies in the guest room on our comfy beds or slip off to my retreat. Doesn’t this smile on my face say it all?

I have poor vision due to my history and genetics, but all my other maladies are in check. My coat is elegant and I am energetic, curious and crave your attention.

I love to cuddle up with foster dad, but can only do it when the resident queen is away. She is quite the jealous monarch and has recited her palace rules in my face when I try to jump up on the sofa, or dare I risk it, the big bed at night.

I want to be the queen in your palace. So what are you waiting for, an invitation? This is your invitation. Don’t wait too long or I may get matched to someone else.

3/10/19 Update:  Hi ya to all of my Rescue family, friends, and fans of Bulldog Nation. Miss Ambrosia here with more weighty news.  I have gained 22% of my body weight in six weeks and my muscle tone rips!  My Dogtor says that I am looking great, have conquered my digestive and skin/coat problems, and am ready to charm the audience of adoptive families.  Doc also says that I must slow my weight gain rate so I am down to 3 cups of meal, plus 1/8 cup of protein, finished over a sauce of pumpkin and coconut oil.  That is still twice as much food as my heifer sized fur sisters eat here.  Is it time to eat yet?  What a lucky girl am I!

I still need to gain weight – a problem many of us would love to have!  I am affectionate as a new sweetheart, and will be so in your life.   As to playing, check out the video of me in centerfield.

So here is the deal.  I am healthy, hearty, playful, and affectionate.  Can you sing, “adopt me maybe.”

4/22/19 Update:  Miss Ambrosia at your service. This mild spring has brought some wonderful Bulldog weather, if you do not factor in the pollen plague. My allergies are again tormenting my skin and coat. When I started itching and glowing hot pink, my peeps put me back on medicated baths. That meant going to the day spa twice a week. Ahh, the staff fusses over me because I have overcome such steep odds, am an absolute charmer, and they know a lover when they see one. They even discount the fee. I think that means that foster Dad pays them partly in pastry and goodies. PSST, they indulge me with those sweets but foster Dad don’t know.

I have a little crusty spot on my forehead.  My Dogtor diagnosed yeast and bacterial afflictions. She sent my bipeds some magic beans and special sauce. I know the beans are magic because they come wrapped in slices of meat. The special sauce is applied manually and Ooo-la-la (a French term for “wow”), the relief is instant and enduring.

I am doing so much better now and remain ever grateful to LSBCR.  We Bullies have stout hearts, which often manifests as stubbornness and determination.  We recognize your love and respond by rallying to any challenge.

All you potential fur-ever families, listen up!  We Bullies are amazing partners for you humans.  You provide the love, safety, security, nutrition, and medical care, and we reward you with undying devotion.  I am the quintessential example of how a Bullie rises to conquer the odds. I am an asset to any new family.  What are you waiting for?

5/5/129 Update:  A big howdy-do to friends and fans of Bullie Nation. It is I, Miss Ambrosia, and let me tell you how lucky a Bulldog can get. I am thriving in this   Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue world because of all the dedicated volunteers who refused to give up on me. A houseful of love, great food, and a nurturing environment have released my boundless lust for happiness.

Special shout out to my dogtor and her clinic staff who have managed and overcome my bedeviling skin and coat afflictions. Between their meds, and my peeps sponsored visits to the spa for medicated baths, we are gaining on a healthy life. I have achieved ideal body weight in the low 40s. I love to play! I can shag outfield grounders like a pro. I bring the ball into my she-shed just in case the base runner tries to steal into my home. I will tag him out, unless he makes me drop the ball by offering food. We all have our limitations.

Memo to the adoptive world: I have turned the corner and am fully ready for a furever home. Apply today and maybe you’ll be matched to me!

6/5/19 Update:  Miss Ambrosia here, exhilarated to report that I am living large at this BBnB. All the pools are open for the hot weather, now that the rainy season has passed at this resort. I enjoy basking in the individual Bulldog pond. Even though my buff summer bod is bikini-ready, I choose to dip au naturel. Wow, how refreshing.

While lounging on the poop deck (OK, sometimes I do grunties on the patio), the wait staff served noshes. I did not even know that it was already Bulldog Happy Hour. We had fruit, crackers with toppings, even a gulp of ice cream (or two, if I beg pretty enough).

The grounds crew maintains the ball fields so I can practice fielding grounders and shagging flies on a freshly mowed (and poop-free) natural surface.

The menus du jour for the coming week posted in the main Bulldog dining salon calls for brisket au jus tonight. I am not sure what that au jus stuff is, but the cuisine here is always five star. I could smell aromas every time the door opened from the service kitchen. A lobster and crab casserole is posted for tomorrow. Fur sisters say that it can include grilled squash, bread crumbs, and is always finished with drawn butter. Am I lucky or what? This is like a cruise ship. We get to enjoy different iterations of the fabulous leftover proteins.

My foster parents say, “You can’t spoil your Bulldogs; only show them the love that they deserve.”

Do I deserve the love of your family? I am ready to meet you and we can mutually decide. Why don’t you spoil me at your loving home? I am here, ready, and waiting.

6/17/19 Update:  Miss Ambrosia here with a frustrating announcement.  I must temporarily recuse myself from adoption availability.  I know that many of you are disappointed by this news.  No one is sadder or madder than I but there are other fires to fight for the moment.  I will have better news soon.

The pesky weather demons have conspired to create a pollen storm this spring, which is tormenting me.  I go to the doggie day spa thrice a week for a medicated bath to treat my coat and skin allergies and receive topical treatments at home.  Still, losses are leading my gains.

My dogtor recommended a doggy dermatologist.  The Council of LSBCR elders approved so off I ventured, riding shot gun.  He prescribed meds, including a magic potion formulated specifically to boot the butts of allergen imps, and a new bath regime.

Doc says that I would thrive in a desert environment.  That is music to my clean canine ears because I love the course that comes after the entrée.  I would love nothing more than more desert.  Desert, dessert, what’s the difference?

So if you are in west Texas or New Mexico, I am your girl.  Just imagine dessert in the desert with me.  Ah, the fur-ever life.  I await your arrival.

8/12/19 Update:  In celebration of my many conquests of late, I have adopted a new theme for my brand. It is #GainingOnIt. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue has helped me vanquish so many challenges that I am one ecstatically happy girl. My dream is to make this theme eternal as I graduate from waif, to protected foster dog, to adopted princess.

An initial challenge was being severely underweight. My foster family nourished me with yummy and healthy meals to #GainOnIt. I have reached optimal weight range so my meals have been cut down to maintenance. DARN.

Check out this glamour pic shot by a talented photographer. She captured my pulchritude pool side, with my tongue curled, no less. I love that lady. She knows how to bring out Bulldog beauty! Did you notice my fore paws crossed?

While pumping up my body mass this spring, I suffered immunologic attacks. My genetics have disposed me to more allergies than the average Bulldog, but with the help of my dedicated team, these afflictions are a bad memory, like Lubbock in the rear view mirror. I have meds, determination, and will continue to #GainOnIt.

I am ready to #GainOnIt going forward to my future life. Will it be with your family?