I knew that 2020 was going to be my year. And I was right! For 233 days, I was in rescue. Some Bulldogs don’t like rescue, but I loved rescue. I had my own room with cable TV. I had my own toys, treats and balls. I even had my own people that took great care of me. My skin was a mess when I first joined rescue, and now it’s smooth as silk. I had my eyes done and now I can see 20/20.

And yesterday, I checked out. I found the perfect family to adopt me. My new mom’s name is Pat and my new dad is Mickey. When Pat met me, she cried. She said I was beautiful. Pat loves to play ball, so we were instant friends.

So, mark me as “gone and not coming back.” Being matched to a wonderful family like Pat and Mickey was worth every day I waited. I am adopted and I have gone to my forever home with a family I have always wanted.

Don’t let my beauty blind you. And don’t let the fact that I am a big-boned gal with a lot of Southern charm scare you. I’m just as nice as I am big.

A couple years back, I had a mama that I thought loved me, but she dropped me off at her sister’s house when she “fell on hard times.” Then she forgot to come back and pick me up. That’s right… She started over without me, her Angel. Even stranger, she got a couple new dogs and I really felt like she replaced me. It hurt my feelings, but I was loved in the home where I was left.

Like a lot of other Bulldogs you may know, my skin itches. I try new food, I try new medicine and then I go back to the vet and he scrapes here and there … but the outcome is always the same. I am a Bulldog and I need regular maintenance to keep me in tip-top shape!

So, it was a tough decision, but I packed my bag and now I’m ready to find a family that will be all about spoiling me, giving me spa days and letting me sit in their laps! I am 100% a lap sitter, so don’t try to put me down.

I’m off to Dr. Larsen’s tomorrow so I can get some relief from these seasonal allergies and then I’ll be ready for a wonderful new family just for me!

10/25/19 Update:  It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. But when I found out that it was it was costume day at the vet clinic, I was up and ready to roll, sporting my best bumble bee look. I am all about having my pictures taken!

When I joined rescue, I was just a mess. It took me a really long time to “fit in.” Everyone was super nice to me and everyone went out of the way to make me feel at home… but for the life of me, I just didn’t get it. Sometimes, I just stayed under the bed all day. Sometimes, I just backed myself in a corner and watched everyone. And somedays, I just seemed sad.

But those days are long gone. I gained a little weight and now I am too fat to get under the bed and that corner that I loved so well is just a memory.

My eyes have stated to water a little and I am going to have Dr. Larsen look at them. Some of my Bulldogs friends have had a little nip tuck around the eye and I am thinking that might be what I need. I will update everyone later with that news.

Once again, I just want everyone to know that leaving my family was hard on me at first, but now, I am a whole new lady. I am ready for my forever family and I am ready to conquer the world, BEEEEE-lieve me!

11/11/19 Update:  I needed a little nip/tuck on my eyes and now I’m recuperating. Ever since I checked in to Dr. Larsen’s vet clinic, I have been running the place. That’s right… on most days, you will find me sitting at the desk, welcoming everyone who comes in the door.

First thing I had to do, though, was wrangle all the cats that live there because they were constantly trying to whack me across the face with their paws. And let’s just say this fat gal can make fur fly when a cat gets too close.

The staff also thought I might be a little too thick around the middle, so they tried to cut back on my food. Well, that didn’t happen either. Soon as my foster mom heard that, she came with some pre-packaged meals in plastic bags with my name on them so I was certain to get what I needed.

But, all and all, I would say it has been a fabulous time at the vet clinic. I ended my stay with some fall photos, so you can see my new eye lift. Soon as my stitches come out, I will be ready for my new family. I will be sad to say goodbye to my foster mom because, wow, she was patient as I learned how to become a part of a family! But we both know better things are in my future! Out there, somewhere, is a family that will be perfect just for me!

Love always, Angel

12/16/19 Update:  Angel here, checking in from the Bulldog Angel Tree at Pucketts Lawn and Garden.  I have appointed myself the official guard of all things bulldog for the fosters Christmas party. You may have noticed a ball in my mouth? Well, that’s quality control. I have chased that ball all over the store and it is bulldog safe.  The pile of bulldog items is growing and I think all the bulldogs will have a great Christmas. I am going to ask Santa to bring me a family for Christmas. I have been waiting around a long time.  I am 100% ready now. I was a little unsure when I joined rescue , but now I am confident and sure of myself.  I need a home with no other dogs. Funny I get along with my fosters bulldogs but when I get out of my comfort zone I seem to want to scuffle with anyone new.  I LOVE kids. And I am gentle with them.  I am crate trained, house trained, and everyone that sees me loves me.  So. Santa Please find my fur free family soon, I have so much love to give and I am all about giving!

1/20/20 Update:  Today, I got up feeling fabulous and I know that it shows! I have been humming this song…

I’m too sexy for my car
Too sexy for my car
Too sexy by far
And I’m too sexy for my hat
Too sexy for my hat
What do you think about that ?

Sing it with me, Bulldog people. You know you want to… Sing it loud and proud! Oh, I guess I’m getting carried away. But I just can’t help myself…. 2020 is my year. My year to find my forever family.

I have been hanging out in foster care for awhile now, learning the ropes. When I first joined rescue, I was really a mess. I didn’t like any other things with fur. If I saw fur, my lips turned up and the fight was on. Proud to say ~ those days are behind me. I see other Bulldogs all the time now and have no reaction. However, it I hear a rumble starting to happen, I will be the first to jump right in. That’s why I still need to be the only thing with fur in the house, even though I hear it all the time, “Angel, mind your own business!” I guess I just love minding other Bulldogs’ business.

I am 100% potty trained and crate trained. I guess you would say I am couch trained because that is where you will find me most days. I am a fool for toys. A giggle ball is my best friend.

So everyone, if you have room at your home for me and you love to sing, please send in an application and maybe you’ll be matched to me! I promise you will not be sorry that you did.