SAY WHAT?  Wow this was one for the record books.  So Eric and Michelle wanted to open their home to rescue.  They have been in contact with us for some time now.  They came to meet Jessie Lynn and brought their angle Mattie.  Well Jessie for some reason didn’t get along with Mattie.  Still scratching my head on that one.  Anyways the joy of having several fosters is that seeing their Mattie I knew AnnaBelle might be the right fit.  AnnaBelle came out very curious and giving Mattie the once over.  We all were excited because the two seemed to click.  She got to go on a walk with Mattie and the rest is the start of her furever story!  It was such a pleasure meeting Eric and Michelle.  We can see they have a passion for Bulldogs.  AnnaBell is also leaving us for West Texas.  We will miss you sweet girl and we were caught off guard.  Had a bit of a tear jerker when she was driving away.  Love you AnnaBelle❤🐾❤😘

Welcome Annabelle to rescue.

I don’t know what I did to be starved and abandoned!  The nice people at the shelter said I weigh half what I should for a girl my age. I don’t think I am all that old—maybe two. They looked at me kinda funny and said something about seeing every rib and vertebrae in my bowed back.

But that is all beginning to change. I have already gained a couple of pounds at the shelter. A nice man from the bulldog rescue picked me up yesterday and said something about them helping me gain 20 pounds! I know that will help me look and feel like the pretty bulldog that is hiding on the inside.

3/11/18 Update:  Dreaming of my future furever home is exciting. The day I get to get cuddle up in my adopter’s arms will be epic! When I entered rescue, I was underweight. I have been eating like a good lady and it shows. Putting on a few pounds really seems to give me the energy I needed. I still am in the habit of going back to my crate for comfort. My foster pops makes sure I am getting use to being social. As you can see in the earlier video this week, I enjoy laying outside. Still haven’t taken to toys, but I’m sure with my new found energy it will happen. I don’t have any issues with any other fur things. Hopefully, everyone will have a great day, like myself.