Anne Marie

Anne Marie

Anne Marie found her furever home with Kristi, David and their daughter Bethany. Anne Marie also gained a beautiful Lab fur brother named Moe and a cat named Beso. 

This family is amazing. They had toys, a new collar and leash ready to go before Anne Marie even arrived. They have a beautiful home with a fenced yard. We were there less than 20 minutes and Annie was already playing with Moe. 

It was bittersweet because Annie is such a fun-loving, sweet girl, but knowing she found her furever home is the best thing a foster mom could ask for. 

Thank you to rescue for getting Annie and thank you to Dr. Larsen and her staff. Annie is now living the dream.

This week, I was roaming wild and free in downtown Fort Worth until a fine Texan Good Samaritan saw me. 

She didn’t want me to have to fend for myself on the streets, so she took me home, fed me and called some folks to help me out. She had me checked for a microchip because she couldn’t believe someone just left me, but no such luck. 

Soon after, the rescue truck rolled up and this crazy dude jumped out and got right on the ground with me. I was so happy! I jumped all around, licked his face and wiggled my butt, just like I was a puppy again!  

When we got to the foster home, I met three other puppers who shared their freedom ride stories with me. They were awesome! We got along great, right from the start, and they told me I was in a great place now. 

Foster Dad told me I’ll see some doctor lady next week so I can get checked out and determine if there’s anything I need. I told him that, of course, I didn’t need anything, I’m perfect already, can’t you see? I’m still looking forward to that visit though. 

He tried to take some pictures of me, but it’s just so exciting being in a new place, I can’t sit still. I’ll send you folks some more once I calm down (maybe). 

Foster Dad says I look like I’m in great shape and that he can’t believe how loving I am. I absolutely LIVE for belly scratches and love to give (and get) kisses. 

Oh yeah, one more thing. Foster Dad  wanted me to tell you to hug a Bulldog and remember, “No Bulldog left behind.”

12/29/21 Update:  I finally escaped from the vet clinic and went home with this nice lady who said “Anne Marie, you are coming home to spend Christmas with us.” 

I was so excited and running for the door. Next thing I knew, we were off. Foster Ma said we were going to a place called PetSmart to get some more treats and a new harness for me. I’m not sure what that place was, but I heard “treats” and I knew I would like it. 

So far, I love sleeping on the couch or on my bed. I prefer the couch though. 

I met the neighbors’ dogs and we became instant friends. I also met chickens and goats. I get along with all of them. There is a big calf out there too, but I’m not sure of him. He scares me, so I bark at him. Guess I don’t like cows… LOL!

I am very well-mannered and I can use a ramp to get into a vehicle, I walk on a leash, and I don’t potty inside at all. 

Foster Ma says my ears are the cutest thing she’s seen. They stand up, especially when there’s treats involved. 

Foster Ma says I have to go on a diet, but I thought Bulldogs were supposed to be fluffy like this? Oh, well. It’s not so bad because I have so much room to walk outside. I think doing that every day is what diet means. 

I am just a sweet, fun-loving girl who loves attention and gives lots of love back. So get those applications in and maybe we’ll be a match! I know my forever home is out there and I’m excited to find it. Hugs and bully kisses.