Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley

Today’s a beautiful day for an adoption – Annie Oakley’s adoption to be exact!

Annie greeted her furever mama and fur brother Finn with big smiles in typical Annie fashion. She got to meet her new Mimi and shared toys with Finn, while Annie’s mom was given all the details about Annie. Then, they all hopped in the car to head back home, all the way to Houston. 

I am certain Annie Oakley, with her foster fairy tale ending today, will live happily ever after with her new family.

Hello, my friends, it’s Annie Oakley and I joined rescue today! Just like that I packed my backpack, hitched a ride south and left my old life behind. I knew if I were ever going to leave, that today was the day to go before I changed my mind again!

A couple days ago I had a baby. Yep that’s right, only one baby! I thought as big as I was, I was going to have about 10. But nope, only one and that one did not make it. I did everything right; I took my vitamins, saw my doctor, watched my diet, and cut out salt. But me being a baby mama again was just not in the cards. My family was super sad. I was super sad, and leaving just seemed like the right thing to do.  

So, today I sat with Dr. Larsen and told her all about my life. See that spot-on top of my head? Dr. Larsen said that was a “kiss spot.” She kissed me and told me she felt bad for me, and that she knew I would have been a great mom. I wish now I had kept some photos of my previous babies because this baby making stuff is over for me.  From now on it’s just all about me.  

I left a lot of dogs behind when I left, and we all got along so good. I am hoping that my forever family will have young dogs that love to play, or dogs that just want a sister. I am a great sister, never started a fight and will run the other way if a fight starts.  

My perfect family will have a lot of time for me and take me in the car often. I love a long car ride,  vanilla ice cream, and a family that has a lot of love for me. I am 3 years old, weight 56 pounds and I am as cute as can be.

9/2/21 Update:  Annie Oakley is such a sweet girl and is working hard to learn the house rules. Her personality is slowly starting to show. This afternoon she stole an empty food bowl and took it to her favorite resting place… under the kitchen table.

9/6/21 Update:  Annie Oakley has been in her foster home for about a week now. She’s finally starting to show a little personality and has started to eat treats! In addition to yummy dog treats, she thinks the ice dispenser is a magical treat dispenser. 

She’s visiting Dr. Larsen today for a little hernia tuck, and could be headed to her furever home soon. Things are definitely looking up for Annie Oakley!

9/13/21 Update:  It has been an adventurous week for Annie Oakley. On Tuesday she went in to see Dr. Larsen for a hernia tuck and when she got home that evening she was one sleepy pup. At first she refused to take her meds so they were covered in peanut butter. By the next morning Annie decided that she likes peanut butter after all and hasn’t turned her nose up at her meds since.

Annie is on a no jump/no run restriction. Thankfully this isn’t to difficult for her because her usual pace is a mosey at best. While she can’t play much with the other dogs, she makes up for it by getting cuddles whenever she wants them.

The best part of having Annie around is seeing her get comfortable and adjusting to a new way of life. She no longer begs to be in her crate, will ask to be pet, give kisses to everyone, pick up a bone instead of her bowl, and eat treats. Today she caught a piece of ice and looked just as surprised as the rest of us.

Annie is as sweet as they come. We are working on potty training and not begging at the kitchen table. She doesn’t bark much, but when she does it’s super cute, not loud, and always at the mail truck.

Paws are crossed for her pending adoption!

9/21/21 Update:  Big things are happening for Annie Oakley this week. She gets her stitches out, completes her antibiotics and gets to meet her new family on Saturday!