Hi Everyone,

It’s me, Asia. Guess what!? Today my new family came all the way from Houston to give me a ride back to my new home!  I have a new fur brother named Courage. My new family was so patient with me when we met. It’s possible I may be a “daddy’s girl”.  Im a little shy when I meet new people and he got right down next to me and talked with me about my new life and gave me some extra scratches. Of course I was curious when he stood up so I followed him to learn more. Foster mom says I’m going to love it in Houston, and I bet she’s right. Thanks for all your love and support while I found my next chapter!  Love, Asia

Hello everyone, it’s me Asia joining everybody!  

On Thursday I decided I was heading out to the local dance competition and really strut my stuff. That’s how the slip leash landed around my waist!  I was moving and grooving to the sound of MC Hammer, and I was singing “Can’t Touch This.” Lord I was on fire! I didn’t realize there would be cameras there or I would have straightened everything up! But anyway, you get the idea, and you can stop wondering why I am wearing my leash around my waist. Also at the dance-off there was an award for  “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” and I won that award also. I bring full-figured to a whole other level! I am not ashamed one bit for this figure. I had a few litters of babies, but I danced myself right back into shape. My shape is round, and yes, round is a shape!  

Dr. Larsen really had to use some muscle to get me in her lap, but she did. Dr. Larsen mentioned “diet” and I let her know right quick that dieting really didn’t happen in the South. I will eat some watermelon, but other than that I am a meat and potatoes kind of lady.

I am 3 years old, and I love everybody. I have lived with other dogs, chased a cat a time or two. My disposition is happy, happy, happy. I use a doggie-door like a champ, but you have to watch me because I love to sunbathe and unless you bring me in, I will stay spread-eagle in the yard getting a tan. I keep hearing “this heat is going to kill you, come back inside.” But you know I just love a nice dark tan.  

Really that is all I can think of to tell you about me today except in the coming days I will have a little surgery to fix my baby maker and then I will be looking thru the applications for a family who loves a big, beautiful babe!

8/24/21 Update:  Everyone here thinks I’m super amazing. I guess I have to drop a few pounds, but Foster Mom says it won’t be that hard because I’ll be active here.  

I’ve met all the farm animals here and I like all of them, but no one is as amazing as the humans. I love to jump up and provide lots of hugs. They say I’m more like a large wrecking ball, but I’ve only knocked over Foster Mom. She said that she was OK and that she just needed to brace herself better when she sees me running toward her. 

I don’t potty in the house and I mostly love to sleep in my kennel. Please let everyone know that I’m fantastic and I’m ready for my forever family!

9/13/21 Update:  I thought I’d send some candid pictures of me relaxing over our long weekend. 

I’ve gotten super comfortable at the farm. They even let me hang out with the alpacas!  

I’ve discovered the barn. It’s OK, but all the residents that live there are noisy and that makes me a little nervous. 

Foster Mom says we have to work on my jumping up and also I guess I’m not supposed to chew on shoes and other things besides toys. 

I’m just super happy to be running free and looking for my new family.  Have a great week!

10/14/21 Update:  Hi All, Asia checking in! I want you all to know how fantastic I’m doing here at the farm.  I’m working on my manners and I’ve collected some huge fans! Belly rubs are my favorite.

If you know someone that needs a whole lotta love, I’m your girl!