Big Boy Atlas was recently passed over by two families. Little did he know the reason behind it all. He has met the most wonderful family and 10 year old girl that will love him like he has never been loved before. The family of a dad, mom. son, daughter, a girl bulldog, Glitter, and two cats is now complete with the addition of Atlas. After having him in our home for over two months and seeing him through heartworm treatment and neutering, it was hard to let him go. But it is always exciting when you know the dog is going to his perfect furever home. My two dogs miss him as much as my wife and I do. We all wander through the house looking for him at times. But we know he is having a blast in his new home. Who would not want to live out on the lake in east Texas?

Please welcome Atlas to our rescue family. Owner surrender Atlas is 70 pounds of muscle and spunk. He just turned 5 and seems to be very healthy, but he has not seen a vet in a long time. Fingers crossed all checks out well. Stay tuned for more details on this fine boy! He will be neutered so he will be laying around for a few days. So far he seems to be the perfect gentleman and gets along with everyone and everything.

6/2/16 Update:  Bad news from the vet today. Atlas is Heartworm positive and will have to undergo 30 days of treatment.

6/13/16 Update:  Let me tell you about my big boy Atlas. He is actually lighter than he looks. He is only 70 pounds and loves morning walks, naps and belly rubs. He spent a night in my house a couple of weeks go when I first picked him up as an owner surrender. I could tell then how sweet he was and how well I thought he would get along with my dogs. With limited contact last night they did real well. A Furminator was made for this guy. Yesterday and this afternoon I have combed up enough hair to make a small garment. He is really shedding. I think he spent a lot of time outdoors so he has an extra heavy coast to shed. He did well meeting everyone yesterday at Hollywood Feed and got along well with most of the dogs.

He would be great for a family wanting a lazy bulldog they could dote on. And they better want a dog with more wrinkles than you have ever seen, and a nose rope big and deep enough to grow a garden. He is a really classic bully.  We will be keeping him for a few days until he heads back to the clinic to start his heart worm treatment. Then he can come back to our home and nap all he wants for 30 days.
6/15/16 Update:  Atlas is so excited he gets to go to the vet today and stay a couple of days as he starts his heartworm treatment. The treatment restrictions won’t be much of a change for him. He does enjoy an early morning walk, but other than that, it’s naps and treats. He gets along great with my two because he is too lazy to start anything.
6/20/16 Update:  Big boy Atlas has had his first relaxing week at our house. He went to the vet on Wednesday to begin his heart worm treatment and came back home Friday. We are so fortunate to have this big guy as he recuperates. He is so sweet and chilled about everything. He and his foster brother and sister get along great. He doesn’t mind time in his crate, but when he is out all he does is lay around anyway. He makes heart worm recovery a breeze. We have discovered his three favorite poses–all lying down!
7/3/16 Update:  Big Boy Atlas just continues to chill and take it easy during his crate rest and heartworm treatment. He does have his moments when he wants to take off and run in the backyard to chase the ever-present squirrel. He goes outside to do his business and while the others are walking around looking for trouble, he just goes back to the porch an sits and waits. We’ll schedule his neuter for the last week of July and soon after, he will make a family very lucky by coming to live with them.

7/24/16 Update:  Atlas has been off crate rest for his heartworm treatment for 10 days now. The first two weeks were very easy, as he seemed to have no energy. As those bad, little critters began to die and get out of his system, he started feeling better each day.With that better feeling came more restlessness and wanting to be out and about. He is so glad now to be able to get in his early morning walk (or I should say trot). Unfortunately, that good feeling won’t last much longer. He gets neutered on Thursday. That will slow him down a couple of days. Besides his trots, he loves to squirm on his back on the grass or driveway. He can be a barrel of laughs, but almost always has the most serious look on his face. The good news is that he has a meet-and-greet this Saturday. Fingers crossed for this big guy.

7/31/16 Update:  Mr. Atlas had a very interesting week. He finally got off that crate rest and was set free to trot around the neighborhood, which he enjoys immensely. All that came to a halt Thursday for his neuter. He gave me a very strange look when I picked him up. But it was very obvious that he still loved me.