Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner got adopted today! She is so lucky to have found a home with her new dad. She also has a new mom and Bulldog brother who are long distance for a bit. She will be so loved and happy with her new family.

I finally have a name, not just a number. I’m finally with rescue, not another mill where we’re seen as simply numbers.

I am 2 years old, very petite (less than 40 lbs) and very shy. Before now, not many people were nice or loving to me, so I’m kind of nervous when I meet new people. I’m sure I’ll warm up to everyone soon.

In the mill, my dream was to have a family my whole life. Now my dream can come true. I was saved from the mill and now these volunteers will help me find the most fabulous home that’s perfect for me.

Last night, I carried a ball around in my mouth and played tug-o-war. Playing seemed kind of strange to me … in a good way. I love all other dogs, but I haven’t met a cat yet. More about me later. I have some lap sitting to do at Dr. Larsen’s. She going to just love me!

3/22/20 Update:  I have been in my foster home for four days now and I am really liking this whole ‘having a home’ thing. I am just as cute as can be ~ I am petite and quite puppy-like. Everything is new to me, and I mean everything. But guess what? I’ve already mastered the stairs

Foster mom and dad are obsessed with something called ‘going potty’- and they really get excited when I do it outside. I’m working hard to make them happy, but with all of this rain, we have had, the wet grass isn’t nearly as inviting as my warm bed. I am a quick learner; however, so I am sure I will have it mastered in no time.

I get along great with the two resident fur siblings. One is even the famous Tory Burch (alumna) and a bigger Lab mix. Enough about me for now. Just know, I am a real lover and will be a great addition to any home!

3/30/20 Update:  I got a new toy this week, and I love it. I actually got two toys, but this one is my favorite! I never had toys before I joined rescue, but now I can’t imagine life without something to keep me busy.

This is my second week here at Chez Rees and I really enjoyed the nice weather we have been having. My foster parents spent all weekend cleaning the pool and planting veggies in the garden. I won’t be partaking in either one of those, thank you very much. I am getting more and more comfortable and really like my foster siblings. I even snuggle with them when they let me.