Axl Rose (now Sara Jessica Barker)

Axl Rose (now Sara Jessica Barker)

Yesterday, Axl left the building … and her very proud foster momma’s home with a family that’s completely smitten with this cutie. She now will be known as Sara Jessica Barker 🤗. She has a Bullie brother, Chewy, that came all the way from India with his family. He had a lot of doggie friends over there and longed for a permanent playmate. He has found that in Axl Rose (SJB now). Her new family is perfection ❤️ – a stay-at-home mommy, two human sisters, Bullie brother and a daddy who adores his girls.

I couldn’t wish for anything more for this little girl. Enjoy the great life, Sara Jessica Barker! Thank you, Molnar family! You rock.

No, I’m not the rock star. I am the real Axl Rose. And what I am is a miracle. Well, I think so, anyway. Let me tell you: sometimes being a lady is not all that it’s cracked up to be. You see, my previous life was going great ~ I was running, playing and having a fine time. Until my life changed overnight. I woke up to find my vagina had prolapsed.

I know that was hard to read, and it was even harder for me to understand. My inside lady parts where all on the outside. I was sick with fever and infection. I made a fast trip to the vet, had surgery and everything was put back in place. For a day. That night, the stitches didn’t hold and everything came back out, just like before. I was sicker and I was in pain. Another operation. Then another. It took three times of being under to get my lady parts out, and the sutures to hold. But thanks to Amy, a very caring lady, I am now on the road to recovery. Sometimes it really does take a village to make a difference!

On Monday evening when I joined rescue, I was sick with an upset stomach from so many antibiotics. It was coming out of both ends. I spent a lot of my evening standing in the bath tub because every time I got cleaned up, it happened again… I got sick. Well, I may have given you too many details about me, but I just want you to know being a lady is very hard sometimes. This morning, I went to Dr. Larsen’s because I still wasn’t able to keep my food down and I was feeling some pain. I needed some special attention and more sponge baths!

Be sure to follow me on my journey. I’m planning to feel fabulous again soon!

9/16/18 Update:  Update from foster boy Alex: I’m checking in today so everyone will know how my sister Axl Rose and I are doing. As you might remember, my sister Axl Rose was in critical shape when she joined rescue because, well, her lady parts prolapsed… and what was supposed to be on the inside was on the outside. And I knew she was very sick. I begged to join her, to comfort her, and support her. And I got to do just that.

I have been by her side and I am happy to report her stitches come out Tuesday and she is doing amazing. And me? I had a little surgery myself and I am doing amazing! My stitches come out on Tuesday too. Sooooo, you know what that means. We’ll be leaving the vet clinic to head to a foster home, and then we will be looking through the applications for our new family.

As you can see from the pictures, I am a little bigger and thicker. That’s because I am a fella. Axl Rose was so sick, she didn’t eat much, so she is smaller and thinner. We both love people and other dogs. We might chase a cat or two, but never in a mean way. We just love to see cat fur fly. We would love to be adopted together, but we are both OK now being apart. We both love attention, we both jump and run and play. We are Alex and Axl Rose and we are 2 years old.