Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth

Update 11-15-2011

Do you believe in miracles???  We here at Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue do…Baby Ruth.

Baby Ruth came into Rescue with basically no use of her back legs.  As many of you know and thanks to your generous donations, we raised enough money to have her ACL surgery done.  Her other leg was given a very poor prognosis.  The surgeon believed that at some point it might need to be amputated due to a previous surgery gone wrong.

Baby had her ACL surgery 8 weeks ago.  Most dogs have the luxury during that painful time to put their weight on the “good leg” while allowing the other to recover. Not Baby, she had no choice but to put most of her weight on the leg that had just undergone a very painful surgery.  She was such a trooper and her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.

During recovery Baby started using the “unfix-able leg” at times.  Once her therapy started, her WONDERFUL therapist started stretching both legs and working her in a water/treadmill.  During the first therapy session she was using BOTH LEGS!!  Everyone was shocked!  Week after week she was making unbelievable progress.  On her daily walks and during therapy she was doing AMAZING!  None of us ever thought we would see her walking in a normal motion with 2 legs.

Baby is one resilient girl!!  Her personality has become so much more playful and happy!!  She can actually WALK!!!  We have had visitors come see her that saw her before surgery and when they see her now they can’t believe it is the same girl!!  She has beaten all the odds!  Baby is our little miracle!!  Soon she will be ready for her new family, could that be you?  If you’re interested in Baby Ruth please put your application in now.

Update 10-17-11

Check out the new picture of Baby Ruth at physical therapy then watch the video of her physical therapy session.

Update 10-2-2011

Baby Ruth has had her surgery and is doing well.  She has been a good girl despite the pain from the surgery.  She has had one re-check with the doctor and they feel she will need physical therapy as soon as the incision is healed.  Thank you all for your donations they have really made a difference for Baby Ruth!

URGENT NEED! – WE HAVE REACHED AND EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!!!  AS OF  SEPT.  16, 2011 WE HAVE COLLECTED $3324.74!  We have scheduled Baby Ruth’s surgery for Monday, Sept. 19.  Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue would like to express our deepest appreciation to each and every one that contributed to Baby Ruth’s medical fund.  We will be giving updates on her progress so stay tuned for the rest of her story!!

Watch a video of Baby Ruth.

Hi Bulldog friends…

My name is Baby Ruth…can you please help me walk again??? I am only 2 years old and really want to play and walk like other dogs….

Baby Ruth came into rescue handicapped from a previous injury on one of her hind legs. She put all her weight on her good leg that now has sustained a severe ACL injury. Poor thing now has basically no use in either of her back legs. She gets around by pulling herself with her front legs. She ” scoots” herself to get around.

She has seen a specialist Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center and he feels that the leg with the previous injury is so badly damaged that it may never be fixed…in fact it might need to be amputated at a later date. There is hope with YOUR HELP…her leg with the ACL injury is very fixable but requires a surgery that costs $3,000.

We all know that dogs can do just fine on three legs…we want Baby Ruth to have that opportunity! We in Rescue are asking all of our friends to please help us help her. With limited funds we have to help raise money for Baby Ruth. Unfortunately we are not in a position to go ahead with her surgery until we have at least “most” of the money. That means Baby Ruth has to continue to suffer until we can raise the money.

Baby Ruth’s foster Mom will tell you she is one of the sweetest Bulldogs she has had. She just begs for love. She tries to play with the other Bulldogs in the house but with her limited mobility she really can’t.

Please dig deep and donate anything that you can and remember we are a 501.c3 non-profit organization and your donation will be tax deductible. You can make your donation through our website by clicking on the “Sponsor Me” or the “Donate” button or by mailing directly to our Treasurer at: Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, Attn: Treasurer, 9313 Moncrief, Keller, TX 76244. Any donation will help ……..

Thank you,

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue