It is with HAPPY TEARS to announce after nine months in rescue, my little Divabull Baby has been adopted. I don’t know what I am going to do with myself! My little white shadow has been at my heels non-stop for the last eight months! Baby’s Christmas wish came true. She has a Furever Mama to call her very own! No sharing with the other peasant dogs! Her very own Mama and Daddy! A life of being spoiled and being the entire center of attention is exactly what Baby needed. She packed up her ducky that the Easter Bunny gave her, her favorite ball and bone and went for the best car ride she will ever have….to her furever home and family!

Some dogs come to us with the saddest stories. This is not one of those. Baby is six years old and has lived and was loved by with the same family since she was two months old. But a lot of changes have taken place in the family these past six years. They now find themselves in a position where they feel it would be better for Baby if she were in another home. They contacted us last year, but just could not let her go. When her dad brought her, it took him a long time to say his final good bye. I gave them some alone time together. 

Baby has struggled with flank alopecia or some skin disorder for years. Their vet has run tests which showed no abnormalities. They have tried different shampoos, ointments, and dog foods. But in spite of it all the problem persists. But Baby is certainly not bothered by it. She is the happiest and bounciest girl! 

Because of her bouncy behavior she would be best in a home with older children. She is good with other dogs. We will do more tests and see what we can do to improve her skin and coat. But if you want a happy, perky, bouncy girl with amazing dark and penetrating eyes, Baby would be perfect for you.

5/18/18 Update:  This Baby is ready to find her happily furever after! Baby came into rescue back in March and was bald on both of her sides. Two months later, Baby is ready for her big reveal! But first, what does Foster Ma know about Baby?

1. DIVATUDE! And lots of it. ~ It is ALL about Baby.

2. NOBODY puts Baby in the corner! ~ Baby has to be wherever her people are. If you’re outside, she is outside. If you are in a room, she is in that room too. If you’re on the potty, you’re not getting any privacy! If you’re soaking in the tub trying to escape from your hectic day… Baby is too!She’s jumping in! (And she has!)

3. BABY’s RULE: What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine! ~ Baby is not about sharing.

4. BABY CALLS SHOTGUN! Once again, nobody puts Baby in the corner, the back seat or anywhere else Baby doesn’t want to go.

5. ONE bite for you, TWO bites for Baby!

The list goes on and on. It is all about Baby. Baby loves to play with toys, ride in the car, go for walks and is also content to snuggle up and watch TV. She owns every piece of furniture in the house and prefers the people bed.

She is completely house trained and crate trained. Being the Diva that she is, the rule that everything is Baby’s is true. Which can be a bit of a problem if there are other dogs that want to play with or share her toys. She gets along great with all the dogs in the house, but she just does not and will not share with them. The toys are hers and the food is hers. She will stand guard over me when I am making the meals and won’t let any other dog near me. She gets fed in her crate so that we don’t have issues. If you are looking for an CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, little compact Diva, I have the girl for you!

9/26/18 Update:  Now, your typical Bulldog will absolutely PROTEST bath day! There are some that go flat on the floor when they see you getting the Bulldog bath supplies gathered. They know if they throw as much of their weight on the floor as possible, a 45 pound Bulldog can become a 100 pound Bulldog! There are some Bulldogs that hide under the bed, in the closet or under a table. There are those that roll over on their back, with their legs straight up, kicking like a little piglet. And there are those that, when you do finally catch them and pick them up, they go limp like a toddler throwing a tantrum and they slide right out of your arms.

And then there is Baby!

Baby is not your ordinary Bulldog. Baby is the Diva Bulldog and is all about being pampered. Baby knows that being doused with warm water and being massaged all over with a pretty smelling shampoo is pure pleasure, and she is all in. As a matter of fact, when I go to take my shower, I have to lock Baby out of the bathroom or she will run me over, racing to get into the shower with me! Since Baby has to be wherever Foster Ma is, the tantrum outside the bathroom door immediately follows when she is locked out!

Are you tired of the Bulldog WWF when it comes to bath time? I have your solution right here! And all you have to do is submit your application, and Bulldog bath time in your house could be easy peasy!