Great news for Bacon as his adopted family came to pick him up Saturday. We cried as he left…he never turned around as he hopped in to their car to be spoiled forever.

Go ahead and say it, “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!” You know you want to…. 🙂 Yes, my name is Bacon. I am 6 years old and I weigh about 45 lbs.

I joined rescue because my family had gone in different directions, and both family members had gone back to work. They didn’t think I had near as much attention as I once had ~ and I’m really a fella who loves a lot of attention.
Both of my eyes feel really bad, as I have two cherry eyes. My nose is crusty, maybe because I love to lick my face. I heard the word “exfoliate” and that sounded odd to me, but I am always up for a challenge. I had some coconut oil put on it today and, wow, that was tasty!

The rescue lady who has me now dug in my ears and said, “Sure looks red in there.” I think she saw me scratching both ears and shaking my head. She said something about an ear infection. Maybe so. I will visit with Dr. Larsen next week and let her take a look.

I joined rescue with my brother Boss. He’s a cool fella too… just not as much as me! Watch me as I journey through rescue and get that “Bacon is beautiful” makeover!

8/24/21 Update: Well – it was my lucky day on Saturday as I moved on to my next foster home.

It’s been said “Who doesn’t love bacon?” But FM now understands because she already loves me. I am a small but solid bundle of love, just looking for my forever home. Can you scratch and pet me? Will you let me lie down near you (I don’t snore, I sizzle! Much quieter!) Do you want to let me out and then watch me get a little silly running around?

As I know you do, please get those applications in for me ASAP. A cute little tasty nugget like myself should not last long in the foster world!

9/2/21 Update:  Bacon here – looking for my forever home with someone who cannot resist my face. 

Oh wait – no one can because I am just that cute.

Do I drool? … only after drinking.

Do I snore? …minimally – really. 

Do I fart? …not yet, according to Foster Mom. 

I know Foster Mom already loves me as she is willing to leave the shower door open so I can stick my face in to drink the warm water. Why does she think I prefer fresh cool water in my bowl? – ugh. 

I am not big on playing with toys, but can get worked up if you do not pay enough attention to me. I cannot figure out how anyone could resist. 

Are you looking for a little fellow with lots of love to give? Licks and love will be free for my forever family.

9/10/21 Update:  Bacon continues to make us love him more every day. He is so sweet and likes to be near you. He just does not like if you head to the shower without him. You’ll get “the look.”

He prefers warm shower water or hose water to a bowl of fresh water, but he is an equal opportunity chill buddy once you get settled. He is so chill and will be a great addition for any family.

9/13/21 Update:  I fall more in love with this guy every day as he is beyond adorable.

Sometimes he wants to play and thinks chewing on body parts is OK but he is able to be redirected to a toy.

He had to see Dr Larsen again last week but she fixed both eyes and he looks great – a BIG thank you to Sheliah for her dog sitting, chaperoning and surgical assistant skills! He tried not to cooperate but will eventually let me get his meds in both eyes. Trying Io wipe his paws is a separate challenge as he does not like the paws touched!

I guarantee that you need this dog in your forever family…just know that you will get the adorable smooshy  face to come in the shower with you, followed by the stern mad face if he is locked out of the bathroom when you go in…hard to resist. . . I promise!

9/21/21 Update:  Every day, I love him more… I bet you would too.

This past weekend, he had a visitor. Bogart the Frenchton came to see how they would play together. Bacon did not like someone in HIS house at first. He was growling, but yet wanting to play. My guess is that Bacon likes having his people all to himself, as he did not like me petting Bogey – he was very jealous. 

Over the weekend, they both settled down a bit, but Bacon continued to express his displeasure at the company. Not sure if this means he needs to be an only dog? I don’t think so. I think he would have just needed more time to realize that he is not the only boy in my life (but he is!)

He loves to play outside, especially with the hose trying to catch the water. 

You can see his sad side when Foster Mommy tells him to lie down after getting pushy with his weekend guest.

His face: it’s all mush. 

His eyes: doing so much better. 

His body: a little ball of solid mass.

9/27/21 Update:  What’s a boy to do when both of his beds go in to the laundry?

He pouts on the blanket/crate liner because he is suffering so

I cannot resist that face so tonight he will have both beds back

He is such a good boy…never an accident;

Barely snores (or I snore louder – not sure);

He loves his Nyla bones (thanks Sheliah) and his toys but would prefer to lick me and bite on me to play.

He gets zoomies when he gets to be outside in the yard and loves to try to drink from the hose…it’s a funny sight

We love him to death as he is adorable and a big boy in a small package…maybe you could love him too?

10/6/21 Update:  It’s me, Bacon… everyone’s favorite side treat. For me, I’m more of an “entrée” than a side dish, but whatever works for you.

I am tired of Foster Momma posting for me, as she is too obsessed with my cuteness to remember to tell you how awesome I am.

I am a really great listener and will stay next to Foster Momma outside (unless you have a car and I can get in it, then I do not want to listen).

I am a great sleeper and, once it’s lights out, Bacon’s out as well.

I am a really great “pettee”…I just made that up ~ meaning I am happy and chill as long as you are petting me or scratching/rubbing my chest. If you stop, I tend to want to nibble on you until you start up again. Foster Momma is working on breaking me of this habit, but I am not too cooperative yet.

I am a really great water lapper…That’s right, I will lap at the water on the shower floor or on your legs/body until you are dry. Hey – even when Foster Momma is not wet, I am obsessed with licking her legs and feet… I say to each his own!

I know Foster Momma loves me and does not want to let me go, but she knows that there is a perfect family out there for my forever life. Is that you? Will I be your main squeeze? No little kids for me to accidentally be rough with (I’m small, but solid).

Do you have a yard and a hose? I love when Foster Momma sprays and I try to catch the water…what a sopping mess I become!

Through it all, Foster Momma tells me how much she loves me and she smooshes and kisses on my face all the time.

I know you want to love me the same, so get that application in… you may be matched to me! 

Photo is me in the jungle waiting to attack my next water hose… damn, I’m adorable.

Love and grease… I mean grass,  Bacon

10/14/21 Update:  Hi all…Bacon here.  It took FM long enough but she finally took me in the car for a ride yesterday. I like to be in the car and FM says I am a good boy when I ride.

I thought we were going someplace exciting but we ended up back at the Puckett’s place where I got out of the car and in to another…trickery, I think. I got to have asleep over with Auntie Dianne and today I am going to visit Doc Larsen to make sure my eye is healing well.

I know I’m doing great cause FM cannot stop kissing me…don’t you want the same opportunity? I know you do so get your applications in soon…saving some kisses for you.

11/12/21 Update:  Bacon is so sorry he missed another rescue event, but he hopes o make the next one. He knows you will fall in love once you meet him… we certainly have! He has been keeping me company during the days I work at home. Here he is trying to play peekaboo, but he didn’t stay hidden for long.   Love this boy!

11/18/21 Update:   I am so looking forward to the Pizza Paw-ty at Campisi’s next weekend so that I can meet all you cool Bulldoggers. Foster Mom says there’s news on the horizon for me: some people want to meet and possibly adopt me. I cannot blame them, but Foster Mom and Foster Sis keep crying that I cannot leave. Foster Mom tells me to misbehave when I meet them… I’m thinking that’s not good advice.  See you next Sunday!