Bailey Bernice

Bailey Bernice

Congratulations to Bailey on her furever family! 

She gains three fur siblings in her new Arizona home with two loving parents that ever did live. 

Her family is not new to rescue. In fact, this makes their 10th adoption from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. 

Bailey made it to her new home state after a long road trip with her new mama and she did great! 

Her fur sibs welcomed her with open paws and she is so grateful for their hospitality.

We love you, Bailey! We know you will enjoy your happily ever after!

Good morning all! It’s me Bailey Bernice joining rescue! I wasn’t sure that it was my time to hop on board the rescue wagon, but when I saw my best friend Lilly packing her backpack that gave me the idea to pack my backpack too. After all, we had been best best friends for 3 years.  And we both had had our share of babies and we thought the comforts of a sofa were just what we had in mind. We where both excellent mothers to our babies, but our baby making days are behind us. 

When I got to sit with Dr. Larsen she said “Girl get right up here in my lap and let me take a look at you!” My beauty shocked her!  So did my petite size.  I may be a little wide right now, but that is just post-baby weight! Or it could be the fact that I just love to eat. Snacks are a must and popcorn is my favorite.

I have a little yeast infection on my belly and when doc noticed that she commented “girl that is a big ole belly!” Doc just kept me laughing because we both know underneath that “big ole belly” is a small bulldog just waiting to coming out.  

Well that’s really all about  me for now, it’s snack time at the Airbnb and I want to be first in line!  Love, Bailey Bernice age 3 with a lot of love to give!