From her foster and furever momma: Bam has found her furever home and she doesn’t even need to pack her bags! Yes, I’m what some call a foster failure. I don’t consider myself that and I believe Bam thinks the same way I do. I’m a foster success, a foster triumph, a foster blessed. ❤️

Bam came to me in June 2018 and waited patiently for a family that would love an old dog. She watched several foster pups come and go. She waited… then over Christmas break, her favorite boy visited and asked me why and how do people give up their dog. With a tear in his eye, he said I will miss her when she has to go. That was that… I knew she wasn’t leaving and her life was going to be spent hanging out with me and my gang. Her boy, my grandson, will get to have Bulldog love and hugs every time he visits. No more tears, no more worry. I’m the lucky one to call her mine. Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for taking in this lady and allowing me to be her forever momma. And don’t worry, I’m sure Bam will still want to share her pictures and adventures with everyone. I even bought her a stroller, so she can keep up with the other dogs

I can’t believe the nerve of that lady. She said I was built like a linebacker!  She hurt my feelings. I’m just an older full-figured gal. My old parents said they loved their girls chunky and that I gave them plenty to love. I’d like to tackle that lady and show her what I really am.

I have been well taken care of all my life. But for some reason I have gotten more cranky in my old age (8). I haven’t adjusted well as the family added more animals and my acting out caused me to spend too much time in timeout. So after trying several things, my family decided I had spent enough time in a crate for my own good. They talked to these nice rescue people who said they could find the perfect family where I would be free to be me.

That family would be where I was the only dog, and the laps were big. I still move really good for my age and 76 pounds. I think all the stress lately has messed up my skin, but it will be fixed in no time. So hurry up and fill out that application. I can’t wait all day for you to come take me home.

5/20/18 Update:  Please, when you say my name, say BAM… say it like you mean it! BAM! I need to let you know that I was a victim of bullying. Yes, it was Bulldog bullying yesterday and I am not happy about it AT ALL.

Here is what happened and you be the judge… I hitched a Lyft yesterday from Dr. Larsen’s and as I was sitting in the back seat, I heard the driver Bill say, “I hope you have a fork lift when I get there because I am carrying a wide load!” I looked over my shoulder to see what was in the trailer he was referencing and there was no trailer! Well, I thought that was odd so I just sat there with my ear pressed against the back seat. Then I heard some more disturbing things like, “This is the fattest Bulldog I have ever seen” and “Wow… she just let herself go!l” I thought, as I sat there eating my ice cream cone, how dare they be talking about me, BAM. Hello, I can hear you! I am right behind you!

Let’s just say Bill did NOT get a tip. I will never ride with Lyft again. From now on, it is Uber for me! It took me 8 years to get this smoking hot body and I am proud to be a part of the Fluffy Senior Bulldog Club. It’s better than being hungry any day! Please send in a application and maybe you’ll be matched to me. It’s been a terrible, emotional few days for me and I see some binge eating in the future… unless I can find my furever family fast!

6/24/18 Update:  I’ve been transported to my new foster family. Yes, I use the word transport as a slight dig at my foster parents. I heard one lady say to another lady that she’d get me moved when she got a trailer! My new foster mom said, “She can’t be THAT big.” Well, I guess my new FM (that stands for foster mom) says that I’m the heaviest Bulldog she’s ever seen! I’ll interpret that as meaning heavy as in one of my favorite songs, ‘He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother.’

So, this is what’s been going on with me… I sleep, I eat, I go outside to do business and repeat. 😄 FM sometimes needs to use a little encouragement to get me up and about. See, my weight is not helping the old lady arthritis and these old joints aren’t what they used to be. I’m a great snuggler, but FM doesn’t have the strength to get me on the sofa so she’ll come lay on the floor with me. I happily share my bed with her, as I LOVE a good belly, back and butt scratch. I do my business outside with the exception of one episode in my kennel. FM says it’s alright though. I was still getting used to the place. I am now allowed to sleep anywhere I want at night. I’ve chosen the best bed with the best quilt so my achy body doesn’t hurt so bad.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. FM is giving me all the meds and supplements needed for my arthritis and my skin. Got a few patches here and there… FM says they’te looking better already and is documenting my beautiful brindle coat for before and after pictures. FM says no need to use a scale for weighing in though! She said, “You can tell by your jeans,” 🤔 whatever that means!

8/30/18 Update:  It’s been too hot for me and foster mom to get out much, so we enjoy laying around and watching our programs. There was a foster pup here for a short time and I’ll have to admit that I was not sorry to see him find his forever family. I’ve had my babies and I am enjoying retirement. Funny thing though… I would give that puppy my mean face and it didn’t deter him from sleeping next to me… Ohh well, I won’t ever admit that it wasn’t all that bad.

I am anxious to get into the month of September and hopefully, some cooler weather. I like to lay outside and sunbathe. But I can only take a little one early in the morning for now 😋 I say bring on the fall weather… Pumpkin Spice everything and laying by the fire! For now, I’ll enjoy my broccoli.

11/6/18 Update:  Many foster dogs have come into my home and liked my kids, but none have ever really picked one of them, until Bam. She absolutely loves Chase for some reason and wants to be with him if he is home. We didn’t really notice it until yesterday. He had been with a friend most of the day and when he got home, she popped up and ran to greet him. Something she had never done before with us. Then he sat on the couch and she came over and pawed his leg to get his attention and he loved on her. Tonight, he got on his air mattress to watch a movie and here she come with her big ol’ self right there next to him. She likes us and will come to everyone for a scratch, but she really likes him.