Bella Erin

Bella Erin

Bella Erin had her dream of a perfect family. She wasn’t concerned if there were children or not. She wanted a small yard where she could run and chase her ball. She needed someone to take her on a daily walk around a block. Two walks would be even better. She wanted a person she could cosy up next to, or at least be in the room with. 

Ruth and Pablo had a German Shepherd for years who died last year. This time they wanted a Bulldog. They were looking for one who would chase the ball in the yard, and go on short walks a couple times a day. Ruth works from home and wanted one who would hang out with her in the office and keep her company.

Bella made herself at home instantly. She has a crate, food and water bowls and a toy box in the kitchen. She has a bed in the family room and one in mom’s office. 

Looks like our adoption coordinators made the perfect match. Happy trails sweet girl.

I really loved my family, who I lived with since I was a little puppy. There was Dad, Mom and two teenage kids. We got along great.
Then, there was this giant male Bulldog. We were best buds in the beginning. We played, ate, slept and walked together. But after some time, things changed.
I am not really sure why, but I got to the point where I could not stand to be around him. I liked other dogs I would meet on a walk, but there was just something about him. My family talked to the breeder and even brought in a trainer to meet me. Nothing helped. So today, with tears all around, I joined rescue.
I am in great health and love long walks through the neighborhood. I love laps and laying on the couch. I am polite and can follow a few basic commands. I think I like most dogs I have met. There is just that one big one. But I am ready to move on to a new life and new possibilities.
P.S. Can I enter the Tongue Out Tuesday contest? I think I should win.
7/9/21 Update:  Bella Erin came to our house yesterday. She is only 19 months old and has the energy level to back it up. She is settling in well and loves to be near her humans and get attention and give cuddles.


Since she had a problem with a dog before she entered rescue, we have been slow about introducing her to ours. We will do that gradually over the weekend. She did have a brief meeting with two yesterday and did fine. When mine come up to her in her crate, she does not react beyond wiggling her whole body in excitement.

She is crate trained and has not had an accident in the house. We had our first walk this morning. Like most puppies, she hears and sees everything. 

She seems a very delightful girl.

7/14/21 Update:  I have never been around more than one dog at a time, so this week has been a learning experience. Foster pop said he would not overwhelm me. He said something about slow introductions. I have been meeting the four dogs here one at a time and then spending some time with two at a time. Today, I finally got to spend time outside and inside with all five of us together. The dogs are all sizes and colors, so that has been really different for me.

It has been a fun experience, but I am still afraid sometimes. Foster pops tries to comfort me and tells me it will be alright. But sometimes I still crouch and cower. But I am getting more confident around everyone. 

I can’t wait to see what the next week holds for me!