Benny knew the big celebration today was all about him. Benny got up this morning with a spring in his step, had a bubble bath, and gathered up a couple things he might like to chew on along the way and headed south to begin his new life with a great couple that have had bulldogs for many years. Benny was glad that it was his turn to be adopted, and that he would be the only bulldog, because he would get all the attention he could stand.  Benny could hardly sit still.  He was ready to go, and just like that Benny was gone. Benny hopped up in the car and never looked back. Going to miss this one! He could be full of himself, but one thing for sure, Benny loved attention and loved anyone that gave him some.

Welcome one year old, 35 pound Benny to rescue! He is having some medical issues addressed next week and will be ready to adopt in a few days. He will be wonderful for a family looking for a young dog and willing to take the time to complete his training. Stay tuned for more information on this little guy.

Benny has been adopted!  This lucky little boy will want for nothing with his new family and his fur sister, Coco.  Lots of toys, love  and most importantly-food!!   The family reports that all is well down in Austin and they couldn’t be happier with their new family member.  Hook ‘Em, Benny!!

4/22/17 Update:  Unfortunately, Benny’s adoption fell through, so we’re back on the hunt for his perfect family. While he waits, he’ll get comfortable…

5/7/17 Update:  Little Benny — and I do mean little as he remains on the overly lean side — has been with me almost two weeks now. There have been a few surprises.First, he’s very well-mannered for a puppy his age. Namely, he’s completely housetrained. He is crate-trained, but resisting his heartbreaking but temporary cries of protest is quite difficult.  He squalls just like a human baby.  Secondlly, he’s a very quiet puppy. He needs coaxing to play, and I believe this to be a result of limited playful interaction with humans. He is quite happy, however, to run after balls. So far, I haven’t had any problems between him and my other foster, who is a passive senior female. They share treats and even swap uneaten remnants in their food bowls. In a word, there has been harmony in my home with Benny. I would add, however, that I’d like to test Benny’s reaction with less passive dogs, playful ones, as well as alphas.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, he’d be great for first time Bulldog owners and even families who want a puppy, but are scared off by the training (and mess) that normally comes along with it. Benny is extraordinary in this respect.

5/28/17 Update:  To me, Benny is perfect. Being the smallest Bulldog in our house full of full-figured female Bulldogs has certainly taught Benny some manners. Benny would like to think he is the Casanova of the Bulldog world, but at 30 lbs, he’s more like a pesky little gnat in the girls’ eyes. Daily, I tell Benny that his idea of courtship is going to end badly, but he always tries … which leaves him defeated and sulking. Benny’s perfect family will be Bulldog-savvy and understand the “short man complex!”