Hey all bulldog lovers, it’s me Bentley, and you will be excited to read about me! I am 5 years old and just beautiful, if I say so myself. My story is not so pretty, but I am looking forward to finding my “fur-ever” home soon and being the love of your life. I was raised all my life in a dog breeding facility, where all I knew was breeding. Not much love is in a place like that and I really missed the love and attention most bulldogs get. I lived on concrete, I slept on concrete, and I went to the potty there also. I am in a loving home now and I am learning to go outside to potty, however, sometimes I potty in inappropriate places but I am trying hard to learn where I need to go. I hope you are not scared of that about me, I just never had anyone love and teach me manners when I was younger, but I am sure excited about learning now that I am looking for my “fur-ever” home.   Also, you need to know that I am not a fan of anything else with fur, other dogs, cats, rabbits or squirrels! I need to be the only animal with fur that lives in your home. So, please, if you are my “fur-ever” family please send in an application for me. I am so lonely and tired of being alone. Please have the patience to teach me how to fit in with your family so I can be the love of your life! I am up to date on everything and now I am neutered. My adoption fee is $500.


Bentley has been at his current foster for several weeks now.  He has only had one potty accident in the house during that time so he has quickly caught on to what he needs to do.  He is also living with another bulldog and they totally ignore each other so we now feel he would probably be fine with another big dog, small dogs are still probably not a good idea.  The cat in the home also has had no problems with Bentley.  This guy has been a real angel with his foster!

Can’t adopt me…..think about becoming my sponsor.  Just click on the “Sponsor Me” button to help pay for my care while I am looking for my forever home!

Since Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is completely volunteer driven we are unable to respond to every application that is submitted.  Therefore we will not contact you unless we feel we have a dog that will fit with your family.