Bentley Anne

Bentley Anne

Vintage treasure and royal princess Bentley Anne bidding everyone a farewell. I have found my forever home in Frisco. My palace will be graced with a wonderful royal family. My new mom loves me to pieces! My new dad travels some, but I will always be happy when he returns. The best thing is I have a skin brother and my very own skin princess sister. She loves to walk me everywhere with my new fur brother Remington. Everyone calls him Remi, for short. I must say he is why I have my new family. He has been working with my mom in order to coexist with another fur baby. Now that he has good manners, I was granted access to my new kingdom. I knew I would always have a fairytale book ending. I’m so thankful my new family looked past getting a young Bulldog. They saw gentle beauty in me and my eyes are so big and full of life now. Thank you, everyone, for supporting me during my journey and to Lone Star Biulldog Club Rescue for saving me. My future is going to be so full of love.


Bentley Anne is my name and having fun is my game! I am eight years old, but you would never know it to look at me. I play like a gal half my age!

As I have gotten older I don’t like younger dogs all up in my business. A refined lady my age needs her privacy and space. So I snapped at him a few times. You would think it was a federal offense!  But my family keeps foster children and the caseworker said that old dog has to go. So after a lot of thinking, talking and tears, I joined rescue.

I am off to the vet, which is a waste of time. I am in excellent health and already spayed. So I will soon be off to my very own foster family and then to the forever family for the second part of my life. I love laps, belly rubs and short walks. 

I am looking for a home with older dogs who respect my space. I am better with older children who know not to pull my ears or step on my feet. I just need lots of laps!  So check me out, send in your interview questions, and I will get back with you ASAP.

9/2/19 Update:   I’ve had a whirlwind of events happen to me recently. About a month ago, my foster parents noticed a red spot on my neck, about the size of a quarter. Then the next day, it was spreading like wildfire. I was rushed to the vet and had to stay for a bit. They believe it was a spider bite. Thankfully, it’s now healing nicely. I thought my modeling career was over. I couldn’t think about my elegant self not being about to make people smile with this cute face and figure. Well, duty called and I got to do a home visit with another foster parent. My job? To show the applicant what a “proper” Bulldog is like. I needed to show them how I might mesh with their family and educate them on the daily maintenance needs of our breed. It was so pleasant because the family I visited had small children. Oh, I was trying to play it cool, but I LOVE kids! I was so thrilled to help out rescue with the visit. Plus, I am going to be all dolled up for the Giving Back to the Bulldogs 80s party on Aug 10 in Fort Worth. So, come by and see me. I promise to take pictures with you and would love to see you dressed up as well! I’m ready… because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! It’s going to be a blast. I need to go to get my beauty naps in before the big event.