Bentley Rey

Bentley Rey

Bentley Rey has a FAMILY! He was so excited when his new dad came to pick him up today, and he couldn’t wait to get in the truck and head off to his new home. In addition to his new mom and pops, he gets 2 ½ Standard Poodles as his brothers and sister. The ½ is a friend of the family that stays with them a lot when his own dad is working. 😊 Bentley thinks that’s pretty cool. Foster mom and dad will miss this wild and crazy boy – but our chickens and cats sure won’t. Happy life, Bent Bent.

Hi, everybody! My name is Bentley Rey and I joined rescue today. And boy am I glad! Things were just not working out in my old home so I packed my bags and caught the first ride to rescue.

I am four years old. I walk well on a leash and I know how to go outside to take care of that business. I have lots of energy and love to go for walks with you. I also love belly rubs. I am a Bulldog! Some people say I have the most beautiful dark eyes. It must be true if they all say it. Right now my skin is very dry and I have been neglected for a while. I can’t wait for some spa days and nice warm baths to lubricate my dry, itchy skin.

After that, and my neuter, I will be heading over to my foster home for a few weeks. So that gives everyone just enough time to learn more about me and to get your application turned in. I know there is someone reading this who will be a perfect match for me.

5/20/19 Update:  Bentley Rey moved into his foster home and we are getting to know this adorable fella. Just look at that face! He’s getting along with the other pups in the house and is VERY interested in the cats and is (mostly) respecting their commands to be left alone. But the chickens are another matter. He’s obsessed with them, so words of warning – anyone with chickens need not apply 😊. He’s figured out that a toy box has lots of fun things to play with and has a lot of energy to do just that! But again, I say – just look at that face! Isn’t that the sweetest Bulldog face ever?!

6/1/19 Update:  I’m having a blast at my new foster home and I have a feeling that my forever home will be just as fun – except for having no chickens… and maybe even cats. I do try to eat the chickens, but I only want to play with the cats, so if my forever home has a cat, my foster mom says it needs to be a dominant cat that will teach me the rules.

I’m a snuggler, cuddler, lover, hugger, lap sitter, follow-you-arounder, and jumper-upper (but I’m working on that). I love, love, love toys and always carry one around and keep many of them in my bed. I love my foster brother and sisters and I’m learning how to play with them. I even like this little 5-year-old human grandson that is visiting us. He plays tug-of-war with me and it’s so fun! I do have allergies and itch a lot, but I’m getting better.

I love my foster mom very much and like to be right by her side or in her lap every minute of the day. She says I’m still very “puppy-ish,” even though I’m 4 years old. I don’t know what that means, but maybe that’s a good thing? Anyway, I’m having fun here, but would like to get my new life with my new family started so I can have my own forever laps in which to sit!

6/17/19 Update:   Foster boy Bentley Rey is looking forward to meeting everyone at the Bulldogs and BBQ event at Courtesy Nissan in Richardson on Saturday. He wants to know if he can bring his “Cowie.”