Betty Boop

Betty Boop

Big Hoss checking out!  I have finally found my forever family and boy are they great!  I have a new ma and two new skin sisters!  They think that I am super special!  They don’t even mind that I am blind!  It was love at first sight for my new family and love at first butt scratch for me.  I am already settling into my new home.  My two new sissies have been giving me so much love and attention.  They hang on me, kiss me, hug me, and scratch my butt!  This is going to be my new best life! I know foster ma is really sad I am gone, but she knew that this family was my match before even meeting them in person. 

Hello Bulldog People!   Betty Boop checking in and looking for Santa! Yep, that’s right, I heard the big fella was headed to town soon so I got on the train headed to the North Pole only to get derailed before getting there. Hey, that’s alright with me because I know someone soon is coming to dress me up in Christmas attire and let me tell them what I want for Christmas. My list is small. All I am looking for is love, a big bed, hoping for some kids to play with and maybe a dog or two. I am 4 years old, and if I say so myself I am as cute as can be.  I am on the smaller side, as a lady should be.  I have taken great care of myself. My ears, teeth and fur are in mint condition. I gave myself a nail trim and I wanted to paint them but ran out of time. I have arrived at Dr. Larsen’s and soon she is going to hold me in her lap.  I can hardly wait.  I have so much to tell her and she is going to just be amazed at the things I am going to say.  So keep checking on me and I know I will have a fabulous home for Christmas,  a wonderful home just for me!

12/18/19 Update:  Santa knows I’ve been a very good girl this year, so I hope to have a lot of presents under my tree. Any kind of toys are fine with me. I like them all, from squeaky to the ones I can chew. I like balls too! I guess anything that will fit in my mouth. That’s where I like to put everything.

I’m a petite, healthy girl, who loves to play. Being 4 years old, everything is interesting to me. Every sound catches my attention and I go on ALERT! That means I’m a good watch dog. You won’t need an alarm system, if I’m in the house. I’ll even know when the ice drops out of the ice maker. Nothing gets past me.

I’ve had puppies in the past and they’re with they’re families now, so it’s time for me to find my forever family. I’m a fun-loving girl; I like to have a good time all the time. I know how to high five when you put you hand up. I’m very pretty and have very good manners. I like other fur babies too!

We had a great time on picture day! I sat pretty and let the volunteers do their job. Then I heard someone say, “Just let her do whatever she wants,” so I DID! They weren’t looking and I grabbed the treat bag and helped myself. I was enjoying the tasty treats until they caught me. That’s the “Oh, You Caught Me Picture” I’ve attached. Well, they did say “Let Her Do Whatever She Wants!” I blame them.

If you consider me to be your forever Bulldog, I will promise you one thing: it will never be boring with me around! When I was a mom, someone only wanted to see and love my puppies. Now it’s my turn for someone to see and love me! Here I am… I’m ready!

12/25/19 Update:   I left the clinic just in time for Christmas! I got a stocking all to myself and I get to spend Christmas at Mays’ Manor. I’m so excited! I hear the big guy might be stopping by. I hope I get to meet him! I’m currently watching for him out the front window. Thank you to everyone who helped fill my stocking and helped me put my former life behind me. Merry Christmas, everyone!

1/5/20 Update:  I’ve been at my foster mom’s house for a couple of weeks and I am loving life! There is plenty of beds for naps, food, treats and belly rubs. I love all those things! I am sweet and get along with all my foster siblings.

I’d love to have a family with less fur running around. Don’t get me wrong… I love all my siblings, but I would like a little more cuddle time instead of sharing. I share perfectly fine- I would just like more cuddles.

I run into a kennel like lightning, when my foster mom is prepping our meals and then I wait patiently. Well, kind of patiently, anyways. I dart in and out looking at her to see if she is walking toward me, and I get all kinds of excited.

I’m pretty much house broken, although I like to mark other dog beds. My foster mom informed me that it’s not very lady-like, so I’m working on that. And I’m working and on not jumping. What can I say? I guess basic manners weren’t important in my previous home, so I am currently in learning mode. I don’t like that water bottle my foster mom carries around, so I pretty much stop bad behaviors immediately.

I never really had much positive attention, so I’m hoping my furever family understands and sees that I am an absolute gem. That’s what foster mom says anyway… and she wouldn’t tell me a fib.

P.S. I love blueberries!

1/8/20 Update:   “Are you missing a shadow? It just so happens I am a professional shadow and I am available 24/7!” – foster girl Betty Boop

1/27/20 Update:   I don’t know about you, but I had a fabulous weekend! I got in a good workout and helped Foster Mom with some projects around the house. I made sure she could not read any directions by sitting in her lap. I got to ride to the clinic to spring foster girl Henley. I really missed her while she was gone. I also visited Puckett’s Nursery in Allen for some Valentine’s Day pictures and I was perfect! I sat, posed and soaked in the attention.

2/2/20 Update:  What do you mean I’m ‘not supposed to be up here?’This is where the clean blankets are kept and I like clean blankets!