Betty White

Betty White

Betty White is so happy to share with you all that she found her forever home this weekend. She’s going to be spoiled by her new mom and dad and get all the hugs and attention from her new skin siblings. This little Bulldog may have been dumped at the shelter before, but just look at her now! Congrats to Betty and the Mertz family!

My name is Betty White. Yep, I was named after that wonderful woman who loved animals of all kinds. You see, I needed a name like that. My old owners loaded me into a small crate, drove to the animal shelter and left me in the parking lot without talking to anyone. The only good thing was it was at the shelter and not on some deserted road. So I need to be reminded there are still people who will love me.

I am a tiny gal at only 36 pounds and I think I am around six years old. My eyes are a little glazed over and some of my teeth are broken or ground down. I have a recent small scar on my belly, but I don’t remember why. Dr. Larsen even said she is not sure what it is from. But the rest of me is in pretty good shape.

I love to walk with people on my leash, and I absolutely love to sit on your lap and cuddle. I like other dogs too. So I will hang out at the clinic for a few days and get to know everyone here while I get checked out. Then I will be heading off to my foster home and a forever home where I will be loved and never dumped in a parking lot. 

2/2/22 Update:  I’m told I was named after a sweet lady who loved animals and as fate would have it, I joined my foster home on what would have been her 100th birthday! 

A little about me: I am a small gal, only 36 pounds, but with a huge personality! I am super playful, and I love to snuggle. 

I’ve been getting along well with the pups in my foster home. Foster Mom is super impressed that I’m potty trained and crate trained. I do well on a leash, but I’m not a huge fan of exercise. 

I’m so happy with my foster family that I sometimes get carried away, so Foster Mom is teaching me what I can chew on and what I can’t. Who knew arms and legs weren’t chew toys?

2/16/22 Update:  Betty White tried something new this past week: school pick-up and drop-off. She was clearly a hit with all the kids and did well riding in the car. Everyone told her how cute she was and she got lots of head rubs. She was a little nervous about the car, but sat very still. With more trips she will be a pro in no time. 

Betty continues to be just a happy, playful, snuggle bug. In general, she’s a quiet dog. However, as soon as she sees the food bowls, she lets you know how excited she is to eat! She wasn’t too impressed with the Super Bowl, and enjoys using her foster siblings as pillows.