Pretty Miss Betty had been adopted and will live the luxurious life she was born to live.

Welcome sweet Betty to Rescue. She came from a shelter and has numerous issues going on.

8/15/16 Update:  We love Betty! Sweetest, gentlest, big, goofy Betty! As a shelter pickup, we don’t know much about Betty’s past. We can tell that Betty was without proper care and nutrition for a long time. She has scars on her body from sitting on a hard surface too long and she is a good 20-30 lbs underweight. Her skin is in bad condition along with horrible ear infections. The worse part for Betty is her knees. We will need a surgical consult for Betty after her skin and ear infections are cleared up because she is a young pup who is in pain with every step due to her knees. There are times when she doesn’t let that slow her down, but other times, this sweet girl has a hard time walking and after a few steps, she just sits back down. She is wonderful with the other eight pups at the house! She lets all the crazy Frenchies play all around and over her and she plays with them as much as she can. She is pure joy even with her issues!

8/28/16 Update:  Betty had a follow up appointment with the vet this past week concerning her skin and ear infections.  As a foster you love hearing these words, “You brought me back a different dog!”  “Yes, we did!”   In s few short weeks Betty has gained a little weight, her fur is soooooo soft, her skin looks 95% better, and her ears are cleared up!  It’s amazing what a good, steady diet, the right antibiotics, medicated baths, and general daily care for a dog can do!  Love, oh, it is easy to love Betty.  She is truly the sweetest Bulldog!  Betty was approved to move forward and she has a consultation appointment scheduled with a surgeon this coming Wednesday to discuss what can be done to help Betty walk better as she has severe issues with her back legs.  Betty is young as only about 2 yrs of age and she would love to be running and playing with the other pups in the house.  For now she lays on her back and let’s them play all over and with her.  Please, send your positive thoughts and prayers this Wednesday for Betty!

9/11/16 Update:  Sweetest Betty!  We love, love, love this bully girl!  She is on pain medication twice a day to give her relief when she walks, but by the end of the day we have to coax her to walk more than 5-6 steps at a time.  All the while her little nubby tail is wagging because she is getting attention!  When she visited the surgeon several weeks ago, and several surgeons weighed in on her prognosis if she was a candidate for surgery, it was unanimous that it would be a very extensive rebuilding of her knees and tibias with possible very little improvement in her walking.  They all felt she was not a good candidate for surgery.  As her foster, with the help of rescue, we are researching carts and what is best long term for Betty’s quality of life.  She deserves nothing but the best.  We are a house in grieving as one of our pups went to Rainbow Bridge this week very unexpectedly.   His best buddy, Loki is getting comfort from Betty.  She brings such joy to our home.

9/25/16 Update:  Betty continues to melt right into our hearts more and more each day. How can you not love her adorable face? We did get a cart that is missing a few vital pieces, but those items have been ordered and we will be working with Betty as soon as they arrive to see if she will take to a cart. In the meantime, she is enjoying her foster brother and sisters when it is time to play and when it is time to snuggle in for naps. Betty brings so much laughter and joy to our home. Her furever family will hit Bulldog platinum with her!

11/6/16 Update:  We bought a huge multi-use cart so we could take Betty to Bull-O-Ween and she would not have to walk around, but sit and enjoy the attention and excitement. Betty was so excited to be around all of the new people and meet new potential play buddies that she was not staying in that cart! She would jump right out and wiggle and run and she had the best time!
Betty also loves this cooler weather! She has played more inside and strolled around outside since the weather has changed. We are enjoying watching the extra pep in her step. Betty is on Apoquel every other day and eye drops a few times daily. She needs a bath once a week, but all of these care-taking responsibilities are easy in comparison to the love and joy sweet Betty gives in return. She does wonder where her furever family is, but in the meantime, she’s enjoying her life in her foster home while she’s waiting for them. She’s hoping for kids and fur siblings!

1/8/17 Update:  Betty wonders why no one has wanted to take her home with them, as she is able to adapt pretty quickly. She just needs a sofa, a person, and she’s good to keep you warm through hours of whatever Netflix binge you choose!