Big Hoss

Big Hoss

Big Hoss checking out!  I have finally found my forever family and boy are they great!  I have a new ma and two new skin sisters!  They think that I am super special!  They don’t even mind that I am blind!  It was love at first sight for my new family and love at first butt scratch for me.  I am already settling into my new home.  My two new sissies have been giving me so much love and attention.  They hang on me, kiss me, hug me, and scratch my butt!  This is going to be my new best life! I know foster ma is really sad I am gone, but she knew that this family was my match before even meeting them in person. 

Sometimes life’s circumstances play out different than you intended. I’ve lived my whole life with my daddy, since I was a puppy!  But I’m a big guy now.  My daddy told me that there just wasn’t enough hours in the day or money in the account to keep up with what a feller like me needs.  I haven’t been to the groomer or vet for a while, so I’m looking forward to a good work up at the doctors.  My eyes don’t seem to work like they used to, I need my nails trimmed, and a good scrub down. 

But please know that I’m a good boy, I know my manners, love people, other dogs, and I’ll wiggle my tail and snuggle up to you if you give me a scratch! 

Hopefully I can find a new family who will love me forever!

10/22/19 Update:  Big Hoss coming at you! I got the gift of coming to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue as an owner surrender. I think I was too big and too expensive for the owner. Thankfully, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue knew this big, handsome Hoss could make another family very happy. That’s just what I thought about me, too!

I am 7 years old and a big, sweet guy. There’s not a mean bone in my big body. I love people and other dogs. I’m a slower gentleman, not rambunctious. I’m past my puppy years. That’s a good thing. I won’t chew the legs on your furniture or those new expensive shoes you just bought.

I’m quiet, calm and gentle. My new friends call me their “Gentle Giant.” I like that name. I like walking, but running is not my thing. Been there done that. A nice bed and a family to love is right up my alley.

When I came to rescue, I had some medical issues. Dr. Larsen found I couldn’t hear because of ear infections that had not been treated in the past. Also, my sight was very poor for the same reason. Dr. Larsen has worked very hard to help both. I now have some hearing back. I am so happy that I have started wiggling my tail when people talk to me. That’s because I can hear them. I have some sight now too. I can even raise my head and look at who is talking to me. I feel so blessed that I am not in silence and darkness anymore.

I hope you like my pictures. I had a great time at the photo shoot. I even got to wear a fancy collar. I’m not supposed to admit that, being the BIG HOSS, but I loved it!

I’m not the young, fast, funny, ball-chasing Bulldog. Big Hoss is the loyal, sweet, kind, gentle, quiet, loving Bulldog who is looking for a family just like him.  Big Hoss Out!

10/28/19 Update:  Big Hoss has been with us for about a week now.  He is starting to settle in.  He is learning the layout of the house and is less frequently walking into walls.  Poor guy.  He is eating well.  He is very tolerant of all the eye medications and incision cleanings.  His favorite spot in the house is wherever foster mom is.  His foster fur brother and sister are warming up to him.  They were annoyed with his walking into them, but I think they now understand that he can’t help it.  He is such a sweet, loving, and trusting dog.  He will let you guide him anywhere, no problem.  We thought he was completely deaf when he first came home, but he is now responding when we speak loudly.  He will sit for a treat and just saying his name gets his tail wagging and butt shaking.  His personality is really starting to come out.  I think he is part cat…he loves to rub up against and lean on your legs!   Here are few pictures from this week.  Such a handsome boy!

11/20/19 Update:   Great news! We went to see an eye specialist this week and after a quick exam, it was determined that his blindness is from chronic dry eyes. The great news is that with some new eye medication, the doc is optimistic that some of his eye sight will return! We are so excited for the day when he can make out the faces of his foster family that already love him so much.

12/15/19 Update:  Big Hoss had his follow-up eye appointment and we received some not so great news. The doc said he had great improvement in the appearance of his eyes, but that he should be able to see by now. The doc doesn’t think he can see anything. He believes that Big Hoss has sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS).

With this disease, there is a loss of rod and cone cells followed by degeneration of the layers of the retina. The doc said that the retina and brain were not communicating. The only way to know if this is what is truly the cause of his blindness is to do an electroretinography. We are waiting to see if we can get approval for it. I’ve been reading up on the disease and I am not 100% convinced he has it. Other symptoms of the disease include increased thirst, increased urination, excessive hunger (don’t all Bulldogs have this?), weight gain and lethargy. I have not seen any of these symptoms.

We are going to continue the eye medications he has been taking. Doc said he would need to stay on these forever.

Big Hoss really doesn’t let his blindness slow him down. While he may still bump into walls, it is way less now that he is familiar with the layout of the house. He is able to get on and off the couch without help. He is able to navigate himself from the living room to the kitchen and into the laundry room, where he tucks himself into his dog bed. He finds his food and water without difficulty.

I only have to help him with one thing, and that is the stairs going down to the yard. He is able to come back up them on his own once he is finished with his business.

Big Hoss is a great dog. He is so gentle and loving. He gets so excited when he hears his name. His not-so-little butt starts to wiggle! I know he could make any furever family happy. Until then, we will give him all the love we have.

12/28/19 Update:  I had such a wonderful Christmas. I love my new toys, but my favorite is the one I received in my stocking from the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue supporters. It’s a huge purple bone and I play with it, walk around with it, and sleep with it! I am still looking for my forever home. I may be sight impaired, but it doesn’t keep me from living my best life. I really can still do a lot on my own. If you want a companion that will sit at your feet or cuddle on the couch with you, then I am your guy!

2/2/20 Update:  I’m still looking for my forever family. I do hope I will find one soon. I love my foster family, but I’m ready for the real thing. I know my lack of eyesight can be scary for some families, but I really do manage on my own well. Just give me a couple of weeks in a new home and it will seem like I’ve lived there forever. I learn my way around a house fast. The only thing I need help with is going down stairs. I can come up them fine.

If you want a good boy who likes naps and cuddles, then I may be your guy. You can count on me being near you at all times. If I’m not snuggling with you on the couch, then I can guarantee you I will be sitting at your feet. Especially if you are cooking. I hope someone gives me a chance. I still have a lot of love to give. Plus… I am pretty darn cute!