Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls

Biggie has been adopted! Biggie was up early morning, before the sun, to shower and do his last-minute packing before his forever dad arrived. Biggie’s dream came true today, as he jumped into his new truck with his forever dad he was ready to take the wheel. He kissed us all goodbye and looked back, as if to say, “Thank you. I will miss you, as well.” It was a little journey east, but they made the trip safely to his new home. It will be Biggie, his forever dad and a few cats about the range. Biggie will become a country boy and enjoy many acres to walk about and play with his forever dad, along with car rides and cuddles. Biggie already has his forever dad laughing – he’s been exploring the toy box and found the TV. We are so happy for this cuddle bug. We know he’s already spoiled and well loved.

Please welcome Biggie to our rescue family! He writes: Yep, that’s right… My name is Biggie, but I am actually small. Like 39 lbs of small. So I guess you can call me Biggie Smalls!

For 6 years, I had an amazing family. There were kids in my family and I love kids. But my dad received some very devastating news. He learned he had cancer and now my dad is really sick. Next week, he’ll go to Houston for 3-4 weeks to have more treatments.

My dad asked my vet what he should do with me and my vet told him to call Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. It has been extremely hard on my family dealing with both my dad’s medical issues and me ~ because now I have some skin issues and an ear infection. And this scratching is driving me crazy! So, here I am… Biggie Smalls. I’m hoping for a miracle for my dad and a fabulous family for me!

8/6/18 Update:  Biggie Smalls here and I’m 100% healthy now! All my medical needs have been met and I’m looking for my family! I LOVE everyone and everything, and I’m just an all-around great fella. I do NOT like to be in a crate. I can make the most awful sound when that door shuts… Kind of like a cry for helpppppppppp. See, I don’t need to be in there. I am 100% potty trained and I have no desire to chew on anything that is not mine.

Other than medicated baths twice a week for a while, I am maintenance-free and glad to be. I am small for a Bulldog, but I make up for it in my desire to please you, go with you everywhere and be your new best friend. My name is Biggie, but I am actually small. Send in an application and maybe you’ll be matched to me!

8/28/18 Update:  It’s now been 2 weeks since I checked into my new foster home . I’ve gotten quite comfy here but am certainly looking to kick this popsicle stand for my own place. I really don’t mind sharing but would prefer not to have a grumpy male dog around. I like the ladies & they love me. I love to ride in the car and my manners on a leash are perfect. I’m great with little skin folks. I have exceptional manners! I do not jump or get in the way. I have been told I listen very well and yes I do my business outside. I do like the freedom of the doggie door here. I like to bask in the sun for short periods of time. I chase my shadow and all reflections.  My favorite pastime is playing with a ball any ball I enjoy the balls in my toy box and watching TV! I love to watch TV. Oh and the laser, I love to follow the laser around the room. I’m a happy guy that doesn’t need much more except a new family to share my love with. I have been enjoying my medicated baths, they make me feel good and foster mom is impressed with the great results. I am no long covered in crusty skin and my coat has taken on a beautiful shine and I’m smooth again.  I am a low maintenance independent boy or your social buddy that is a cuddle bug . If you want a kiss just ask because I will wait for your permission.  I do enjoy a special spot on the couch  and covered under the blankets but I’ll get down if you don’t approve . I would  prefer not to be in my crate as I don’t need it. I can be trusted ! My crate makes me sad and I will let you know about it. 

9/11/18 Update:  Remember me? Well, best not forget to get your application in… you may get matched to me and I’d love to meet you. My allergies are under control with my daily vitamin, as Foster Mom calls it.

I’m hanging at the B & B, enjoying the TV and, of course, any ball I can find around the house! l will let you know when I need something. Some days, I’ve been known to be a talker. I’ll speak up when I need to go out and when I’m ready for bed. Foster Mom says I’ll be finding a new home soon because I’m no trouble and I’m the perfect size. I’d love to be your mate, your protector, and just your buddy to relax with and enjoy an evening stroll. I know if you met me, you would be very impressed with me and let me repeat: I have exceptional manners! I’m ready to share some love with you💕 and we need to make room here at the B & B for the next foster kid.

10/10/18 Update:  ISO Biggie Smalz is looking for his Forever Family. They must be looking for an extra smile, a cuddle, a tv buddy, unconditional love, a true companion, a bed warmer, perhaps a travel buddy. Biggie Smalz lives  for an enjoyable car ride, Maybe a trucker job is in Biggies future? If you are a lady looking for a man with manners who opens the door, you found him as Biggie Smalz is you man! Yes He opens the doors in the house if it is unlocked! Foster mom though she was going nuts the first few times the interior doors were open! Biggie hates to be behind closed doors alone. He will be your shadow or just be happy to be near. Biggie is a sweet gentle mature boy that loves to play independently or with a friend. Biggie is a great teacher as he has now taught his foster sister a few antics!  Don’t worry nothing bad, he is an exceptionally well mannered boy. Yes foster mom asks how can he be so perfect?  So no closed doors in this B & B. Biggie Smalz enjoys the wide open spaces and is super well behaved in need of a family that wants unconditional love to call his own.