Bigum rode off into the sunset yesterday afternoon with a family to call his own. He and his sister Queenie, who joined rescue with him, are being adopted together. They had landed in separate foster homes, but have now been reunited. Bigum is off to a farm where he and Queenie will be joining alumni Thor and Tank (formerly Starsky and Hutch).

I hear that Bigum has already met and chased the resident goats, but that he doesn’t quite know what to make of the chickens yet. Bigum was with me for only a week, but he’d already grown on me. He’s a big, goofy, endearing, good-natured bear of a Bulldog. He’s going to have an exciting life surrounded by lots of furry and feathered companions. Happy tails, Bigum!

Hey, everybody, my name is Bigum and I am one beautiful Bulldog. Just ask me and I will tell you. That’s what everyone says! I have always been loved and cared for. But things happened in my family so my sister, Queenie, and I had to move on. Queenie is not my real sister, but we are the same age and have always lived together. 

I am six years old and a little stiff some mornings. But everything else is in pretty good shape. I love being around people of all ages and enjoy being around other dogs. 

I am not sure if Queenie and I will stay together. Right now we are at the clinic next to each other, so that is nice. She thinks she needs to be with me all the time. Sometimes I feel I would be fine without a sister hanging around. How is a guy supposed to find a steady girl with his sister always hanging around?

Anyway, we will sort that out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, get your application submitted. If someone would like to be matched with both of us, that would be fine with me.

1/14/19 Update:  Hello, I’m Bigum, and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a beefy, slobbering, laidback chunk of bulldog love. A real charmer with a big head. No, not big head as in conceited. But literally I have a big head. And big paws. To go with all that is a gentle, laidback nature. Here I am in my new digs. I’m still new to rescue and learning the ropes. Be prepared to fall in love as you get to know me.